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We have seen time and time again. Clients are more likely to order and upgrade their photo albums when they see a  pre-designed layout. After a year or more planning every little detail of their wedding; the last thing clients want to do is make more decisions. When you pre-design an album that blows them away, chances are high that they will approve and order the album as you've designed it.
But pre-designing an album can seem daunting if you’ve never done it before. We’ll take you through the steps that will make pre-designing easy - first by helping choose album selects, second with using the Auto Design function in Fundy, and lastly with direct ordering.
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The key when choosing album selects is to look for photos that work in groups, not just individual photos that you like. There will be some “wow” shots you will want to showcase solo, but otherwise, you’re looking for mini collections of 3-5 photos that work together in one layout.
Secondly, make sure you are choosing a variety of images that tell the entire story of the day, not just portraits of the bride and groom. Your clients will want to see their best friends, families, and detail shots, too.
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When choosing the album selects, use a star rating in Lightroom or Photo Mechanic to denote an album select. You can then easily export just these photos to bring into Fundy Designer. Fundy will read the star ratings you bring in from Lightroom, so you can bring in both your "definitely yes" (5 stars) and your "maybe yes" (4 stars) selects and then choose depending on what works best for the design.


Often we'll hear photographers will say, “wait a minute, I only do manual designs. I don’t want a computer deciding my layouts for me!” We hear you, and actually, our goal with Auto Design is to just speed up the manual design process. The Auto Design in Fundy Designer is extremely intelligent, doing the hard work of adding images to pages, in the correct order automatically. You can control everything from the number of photos per page to the ratios of the photos on the page (such as making them all 3:2 ratio images). See the full tutorials section on how to use Auto Design in Fundy here. 
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Once the Auto Design has done its thing, you can easily move pages around by using the Move icon in Planner View. You can move photos between spreads or even within spreads from this view. You can even select which photos you want to be “main images” in a spread and those photos will be featured more prominently in the design.
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Additionally, choosing a new layout is easy. Click the layouts button to launch the Quick Design Picker. It will automatically show the layouts from the most recent layouts viewed. If you want to see the layouts from a particular design set, you can see them under the Design Sets drop down.
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When you are finished with your design, there are several ways to present it to your clients. We believe that in-person sales are best, but we do understand there are sometimes constraints for meeting with clients. If you are remote from your clients or wish to receive their approval before an in-person meeting, you can use our online Design Proofer. Design Proofer sends a high-quality online flip-book to clients so they can review each spread and make comments or approve the design.


Fundy and Design Aglow have integrated to make it even easier to order. Simply click “Order Direct from Lab.” Rather than the arduous export and re-upload process, Fundy does the work for you and leads you through the order process. It’s that simple!


By pre-designing albums right after a wedding or portrait session and getting them into clients hands sooner, you raise the bar on your service and your business. In the busy season, you'll be smooth sailing. Every year we talk to photographers in various states of panic because they have to design and order 10 albums in 5 days. Use the pre-design tools in Fundy Designer plus the easy order process for beautiful Design Aglow albums to avoid stressing over sales and workflow. It’s a breeze!
This post was written in collaboration with the lovely team at Fundy Designer.
If you are new to Fundy, download the free trial here - it never expires.


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