Photographers: Do you Believe in Portraits?

Wall Gallery in Dining Room

As photographers, our aim is to fill our clients' lives with incredible art of their families. We love capturing fleeting moments in time that will live on for generations to come. 
Our clients treasure our photography on their walls and in gorgeous, heirloom albums. These uniquely personal artifacts become the story and the history of families.
We already know family portraits boost kids' self-esteem and we promote all the wonderful benefits of custom portrait art in our messaging. In an Instagram world of images that are never printed or enjoyed off-screen, the work of professional photographers has NEVER been more important. 
Raise your hand if you are working 40/50/60 hours a week for your clients but have neglected printing and enjoying portraits of your own family. 
Do you see the irony here? When we stand behind such a meaningful philosophy and message, we need to BELIEVE it. And we need to walk the walk. 


Wall Gallery in Living Room

I can't tell you the number of times I have walked past a gallery of framed portraits in my home and my angry/frazzled/exhausted momitude completely changed, to one of love and appreciation.
Look around your home, photographer. Are you enjoying big, beautiful wall galleries of your family every day? Do you have albums to treasure and pass down to your kids and future grandkids? Do your friends come over and see your passion first hand? (We're not talking 5x7s in Walmart frames or Groupon photo books.) If not, it's time to get down to business. And, we understand it can be overwhelming at first so we have a few tips for you: 
1. Choose one wall gallery arrangement that will be a statement piece in your home.
2. Select images from this year that work well together. 
3. Print, frame, hang and enjoy.
4. Share your beautiful home gallery on your blog and talk about it on your social media...let clients see how much you believe in custom photography.
5. Repeat with other rooms/spaces. Enjoy. Keep sharing. 
6. Create a stunning album with all the images that did not make the a collection starting with just one per year. Enjoy. And keep at it!
Bonus: Tag #designaglow and #printyourart so we can feature you.

"For the past 15+ years, I have printed a yearly family album and often additional albums from trips, photo shoots, and special occasions. These albums have been enjoyed for many hundreds of hours by my kids, keeping their best childhood memories alive. My family albums are my most treasured posessions, hands down." ~Lena Hyde

 Design Aglow Albums on table


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