Photographer Success Story: Keturah Keita Photography

Hi there! My name is Keturah Keita and I’m the owner of Keturah Keita Photography. I started out just like many other photographers. I recently had a baby and I wanted to take better pictures.

How it began

In 2014, I bought a Nikon D3300 starter camera with a kit lens and I started snapping away. I was determined to capture all those special moments of my family. This transpired a love of light and shadows, different emotions and telling a story. I'm inspired by bold colors, shadows, and emotion and it's with these elements that I try to capture in each session.

I never imagined I would leave my corporate position and pursue photography full time, and now I can't imagine doing anything else. The relaunch of my website as well as the grand opening of my home natural portrait studio will take place in January. I'm super excited to showcase a new look for KKP and will have so many amazing options to provide my clients.

From Digital to Physical

I started out just delivering digital files, but soon realized my love of print and a need to incorporate physical products into my business. Since I knew I wanted to grow my business, I also needed to find a way to provide options to my clients. I came across Design Aglow and made my first purchase of the glass USBs. I immediately fell in love with them and it just grew from there!

I am a true believer in printing your photographs and I love educating my clients on the importance of printing their images, created timeless heirloom pieces that can be cherished for generations to come. Coffee table albums, folios, and beautifully curated wall galleries are the product pieces that I carry in my studio.


One Stop Shop

I love Design Aglow’s elegant and minimal products.; it’s literally a one-stop shop. I wanted everything to be cohesive for my brand. I didn't want my packaging to look like it came from several different vendors—I want consistent quality across the board. Design Aglow achieves that. I've gotten so many compliments just on the USB's alone.

 Placing your contract, welcome magazine, and other goodies inside the custom welcome folder really set the tone with the type of service the client is about to receive. Plus it adds more value to your company and allows you the ability to charge premium prices. Putting all your finished product inside of a stylish, chic boutique bag just ties everything together!

 Overall, I've purchased the Glass USBs and USB boxes, Welcome Folders, Gift Bags & Customizable Contract Templates and a slew of design templates. I plan to incorporate Design Aglow's frames, frame templates and also albums as part of my boutique product lineup.


The Reviews are In

I showcased my boutique bags this week and my clients LOVE it. She was so taken aback by the quality of was something she was not expecting. I recorded the unveiling on my IGTV via my business account on Instagram.

migrated_KKHeadShot_medium.jpgv1541791779Keturah Keita is a custom natural light photographer, based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. A wife and mom of 4, she specializes in family and lifestyle portraiture.  Her natural light boutique portrait studio is opening January 2019.

Follow Keturah on Instagram here.

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