Photographer Success Story: Finding Inspiration in the Renaissance Masters

Today, we’re featuring Denmark based fine art photographer, Ildiko Grant. Read on to hear her story and unique process!

How it Began

Hello! My name is Ildiko Grant and I’m a Hungarian photographer living with my Danish husband and children in Denmark. I’m originally an economist and a self-taught photographer. I picked up a camera when my first child was born and have been falling in love with photography ever since! Now I have a little photo studio in Hanstholm, Denmark.

Ildiko Grant Photography

The Process

I feel very lucky every day because I can apply art in my photography. I love Renaissance paintings and art and I’m inspired by the old masters and their portraits. My goal is to make a photographic version of that magic.

Ildiko Grant Photography

My process begins when I see something inspiring such as wallpaper, textiles, paintings or clothing. When I’m ready, I take photos of my subjects and create the magic in Lightroom and Photoshop! It’s a long process to prepare for this kind of photography—in preparation and while shooting, and again during the editing process. From start to finish, my process for a portrait usually takes about a week.

Art Meant to Be Seen

For my kind of photography, large Design Aglow framed prints work best. These photos are so beautiful, they have to be hung on the wall!

Ildiko Grant Photography

I use Design Aglow’s 20x24 Framed Prints and 30x24 Framed Prints. My clients love the fine art paper and they really have that ‘wow’ effect. The finished product really is just so beautiful!


Ildiko Grant Headshot 

Ildiko Grant is a baby, family and portrait photographer based in Denmark. You can visit her website here and follow her on Instagram here.

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