Meet GoLive: Makers of Design Aglow for Squarespace

We're so thrilled at the results of our design collaboration with GoLive, four stunning website templates for our Brand Design Themes ICON, META, LORE & VIDA. Designed specifically for photographers, each website template includes a ton of stylish image display options, so you can uniquely host, sell, and display your work and product collections online.

GoLive is passionate group of smart creatives who have a ton of digital resources and knowledge to share. and we think you should get to know them better, so without further ado, meet GoLive:


Q: Tell us a little bit about who you are, what you do and how your products work?

A: Hey! I’m Promise Tangeman, and I’m the CEO and Creative Director of GoLive, a website design company that serves entrepreneurs and small business owners. GoLive sells beautiful and easy-to-use Website Templates for Squarespace, creates custom design for our clients, and we provide resources and education for entrepreneurs and small business owners through our blog, workshops and consulting calls.


Q: GoLive built four beautiful Squarespace themes that perfectly coordinate with Design Aglow’s template design themes. What attracted you to this collaboration, do you have some favorites from the collection, and why?

A: We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and so is Design Aglow, so we are excited about this collaboration! We love helping businesses have a cohesive brand experience from print to online, and Design Aglow provided the perfect opportunity for us to bring their print and brand collateral to life for the web.

My favorite in the collection is the Icon Template! I love the dark and moody vibes this theme brings out, and I love how we got to really show off the photography as the showstopper on this design.

ICON Website TemplateDemo ICON Website  -or-  Shop ICON Templates

Q: For people who are thinking about launching a new website, what are some telltale signs that it is time for a new site?

A: There are so many reasons why you might want a redesign, but two of the main ones are about changing when your business changes. First, you might be ready for a new website or a rebrand if your products or services have changed. For example, maybe you started off offering ALL types of photography, but you’ve realized now that you love doing only wedding photography. It’s time to redesign your website to reflect just that service instead.

Second, you might want to redesign if your target market has changed. If you decide that you’re now marketing from any bride to just high-end brides, you would want to change your graphics, fonts, and images to showcase that change.

Lore Website TemplateDemo LORE Website  -or-  Shop LORE Templates


Q: Putting a website together can be anxiety-inducing. What are a few things you recommend to keep the process simple, stress-free, and speedy?

A: Our number one tip to make sure you actually launch is to set a launch date! Then work backward from that date to make your to-do list. Without a date on the calendar, we have found there’s no fire to really get you moving toward your goal!

We also really believe in working in stages! So first, work on nailing your logos and colors, then work on sourcing your images, and then get your copywriting together! If you bunch those similar items together, it can seem way more organized and way less daunting.

META Website TemplateDemo META Website  -or-  Shop META Templates


Q: What are the most important elements to consider when curating and developing content for a photography website?

A: Our biggest tip is to quickly and simply explain what you do within 3-5 seconds of someone landing on your website. We recommend doing this by using our Brand Bio Formula, which helps you craft a concise, one-sentence statement for your business that explains why you are unique and the benefits of your services. A statement like this is vital to a photography business because it helps to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Additionally, we’d highly encourage photographers to only show images on their website that display their ideal client or favorite type of shoot. This attracts more of your ideal client because they are able to already “see themselves” in your images. For example, if your ideal client is the high-end bride, we’d encourage you to skip showcasing your newborn images on your website because it can detract and confuse your ideal client.


Q: For most creative entrepreneurs a website is a place to conduct a majority of their business, generate leads and engage with clients. What are the best tools for making the most of their website traffic?

A: Start your email list! An email list is a major tool photographers can utilize to capture contact information from their website visitors. Make sure to have a spot on your website where you are collecting email addresses in exchange for offers of discounts, updates, a free resource, or something valuable to your ideal client. That will help you get in their inbox, put you top of mind when it comes to thinking of a photographer, and make yourself stand out from your competition.

Vida Website TemplateDemo VIDA Website  -or-  Shop VIDA Templates


Q: There are a ton of customization options available in the DA/GL collection of themes! What customizations are most exciting for the end user?

A: The best thing about Squarespace is that it is SO easy to use and SO easy to customize! There’s also absolutely NO coding needed in these designs, and even no Photoshop needed as well! 

These templates are really made to provide you a design base so you can add to or switch up to really make your own. We are always so blown away to see the creativity in the business owners that customize the designs. Although we’ve created these templates with certain layouts and design items in mind, you can really make sure that it fits your brand or business by changing up colors or fonts, and even swapping different sections in and out so you can create a site that it really works and is a reflection of you.



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