Mastering Online Sales for Photographers

Get the guidance and resources you need to start selling your photography products online from the comfort of your home. Our Virtual Product Sales Courses for Wedding and Portrait Photographers created in partnership with Allie Siarto, teaches you how to set up an online workflow and guide clients through a fun and rewarding ordering experience. It’s perfect for photographers who need to maximize their time, step up their online game, and need a proven workflow to optimize their sales after every session.

“Every other sales course I’m aware of is focused on in-person meetings or Skype meetings where you have to set aside time (typically in the evening) to talk directly with your clients. This workflow isn’t like that. I love to tell the stories about how I made $1,000+ print sales while trick-or-treating with my kids, going to a trampoline workout class, or sipping wine with friends at book club.” ~ Allie Siarto


Each course, Wedding or Portrait, comes with an instructional video series, a process guide, pre-written emails so implementation is easy and full proof. A style guide template is also available with the course that is designed to prepare, inform and inspire your clients with ideas on how they can enjoy their investment in their homes. This customizable style guide walks clients through everything they’ll need to do to purchase their products online through you and ‘Joanna Gaines’ up their home with their photography, (so you don’t have to).


What you’ll learn:
• Learn how to apply the basic concepts of in-person sales to online sales.
• Learn how to set the right client expectations from the very beginning.
• Learn how to train clients to prepare for their sessions and style their photos in their homes. 

What you’ll get:
• Instruction video series by Allie Siarto
• Instructional Virtual Sales Process Guide
• Pre-written email script templates
• Style Guide Magazine Sales Template

“I purchased the Virtual Sales Course two days ago and literally used everything and I sold a 1K engagement album right away. I can't wait to offer this to all my couples, I could not be more grateful!” ~ Carolina Epperson

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