Ideas for Making Up Lost Income

It is a great time for not only inventiveness and creativity, but practicality as well. As a photographer, these traits come to you naturally. Regardless of the obstacles you face, you always make the best with what you have, stay focused on what matters most, and keep glowing on. 

So stay true to your nature and start planning now for ways to make up the loss in the income you might experience in the months ahead. Since it might not be feasible to reschedule every event or session you had booked, here are some ideas and offers to help you develop a recoup game plan today.

Make a Mini-Session Action Plan

The brilliance of Mini Sessions is that their brevity allows for multiple clients to be booked in one day, maximizing your time and sales. It's perfect for clients who had to cancel because it allows them to get a less expensive taste of your talent and services without making a large investment. From marketing to theme ideas and lighting, to scheduling and workflow, this Mini Session Guide will help you start getting organized in a positive direction.

Gear Up for Headshots

For professionals who are starting to explore new opportunities, presenting and marketing themselves with a fresh profile is critical to their success. If you haven’t done headshots before or need ideas to roll out your offering, or need tips on how to build a mini session around it, the Complete Business Headshot Kit provides all the resources you’ll need to help people move forward in the best possible light.

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Sell the Photos You Have 

Chances are you have quite a few clients that walked away with only a handful of photos. But wait, (gasp) didn’t you take more? Reintroduce them to the photos that didn’t make the cut in new and surprising ways at accessible price points.

Collages & Calendars

Arrange their second picks in creative collages and calendars for them to freshen up their homes or give as gifts. You can use the collage and calendar templates and product mockups to create desire and generate orders. 

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Desktop Frames

Offer small desktop frames in sizes 5x7 and 8x10. Mockup a few of their album b-sides into smaller frames showcased on a shelf, instead of on a wall, to entice their orders. To make it more economical use our Ready-Made Frames with easel backs and simply insert your own prints to fulfill the orders.

Barter for Referrals Down the Road

Businesses always need support, you can help them with content. Thoughtfully approach local businesses and offer your services on barter, so you both can receive something of value that can pay off down the road through referrals and marketing. The Vendor Marketing Kit can help you with your approach and a barter contract can help you create mutually beneficial relationships.

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