Inside Real Studios: Robotti & Rosa Photography

In what kind of space is your studio located? 
What’s the square footage? 
3000 sq ft.
How long have you been there? 
4 years
What makes your studio special?
Our studio marries the best of an industrial loft with boutique elegance. We had the opportunity to design the floor plan, pick the finishes, and make it our own. We both love interior design, so we loved the process of designing and decorating our space and really feel at home here. We collect unique props from around the world to complement our cute little clients.
Do you have any tips for opening a studio?
We started off with a smaller studio and grew our business before jumping to a larger space with a longer lease commitment. Make the space consistent with your brand when choosing finishes, products, etc.
What products do you sell the most?
We sell albums, prints, Design Aglow Frames, and digital files.
Robotti & Rosa Photography's natural approach to newborn and children's photography celebrates kids being kids!

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