Inside Real Studios: Lindsay Walden Photography

Today we’re taking a peek inside Lindsay Walden Photography's studio in Colleyville, Texas. Lindsay opened this gorgeous 1080 sq ft commercial photography space in 2019. Read on to learn about her studio and her tips for opening one of your own. 


What makes your studio special? 

Iʼve run a home studio for ten years. Not all of those years did it run successfully but the past five years or so Iʼve seen tremendous growth as I really honed in on the type of art I wanted to create and the experience I wanted to provide my clients. The opening of our studio only enhances and improves that client experience. Our hair and makeup room boasts a comfortable professional salon chair, choice of luxury snacks and artisanal water along with a play area for kiddos and Netflix streaming their favorite shows. To enter this room guests open 19th century sliding barn doors sourced from rural China near the Tibetan Plateau. The “living room” area of the studio offers a homey seating area with large tv where clients view their images for the first time and get to spend significant one-on-one time with me. Our shooting areas offer a variety of unique photographic opportunities including a chaise lounge in front of white sheers and a luxurious chandelier hanging in the foreground, a gorgeous claw foot tub and thousands of props to choose from when we design our sessions. Ultimately though what makes our studio special is the fabulous clients that trust me to create and preserve beautiful art for them.


Do you have any tips for opening a studio?

I am a cautious and meticulous business woman. I planned for years before making the leap to a commercial space. I knew my business income could handle the additional expense and increased my marketing just before the move which helped more than offset those initial expenses. Plan, plan, plan and price according to those plans.

What products do you sell the most?

My clients love the albums I create for them.

Do you have a great space you would like to share with our community? We would love to hear from you and possibly peek into your world. Simply visit this link and we will guide you through the quick submission process.

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