How To Sell Frame Collections

Frame collections are like the final frontier of photography sales: not only do you have to convince clients that they need to display themselves BIG on the wall, but you also must sway them to purchase multiple images of themselves in order to tell their family or wedding story. It can be a hard sell...unless you know what you’re doing. Ready for our field-tested steps for selling a frame collection to every client--portrait or wedding? Read on, friend.

1 - Plant the seed.

To prepare clients for a wall gallery purchase, you must discuss the outcome of their session every step of the way, from your very first contact. And the goal of any session should always be art!
Design Aglow offers fantastic (free!) resources for you to share, such as our Conversations with Clients: Why Photographic Art Matters post. Here’s some sample verbiage to start laying the groundwork: “I specialize in heirloom products such as albums and framed wall galleries for them to see and enjoy every day.”
Posting images of wall galleries on your site and social media accounts will drive home the point that you are creating art, not .jpgs to forget on a USB. Presenting your clients with a look book or welcome packet to help them visualize what a gallery will look like on their walls will get them excited about their own photographic heirlooms.

2 - Pre-design galleries.

Use selling products--like the Design Aglow Inspire Guide--to illustrate aspirational wall arrangements. As photographers, we often take vision for granted, while our clients need someone else to create that vision for them (which is exactly why they hire us!). Inserting session images into the included PSD files, which is well worth your effort, will bridge the gap between the idea of a wall gallery, and making that wall gallery a reality. Plus, it makes buying easy and fun!

3 - Show what you want to sell.

Turn your studio into a showpiece gallery by displaying easy to sell Grab & Go Collections on your own walls. Don’t have a dedicated selling space? No problem. Our portable Show & Sell Kit allows you to bring up to 9 styles of frames you offer directly to your clients, in adorable mini 5x7 versions.
Bonus: by seeing how petite a 5x7” frame is, clients will realize how much more impactful a wall gallery will be.

4 - Offer design services.

As a complimentary bonus for orders over $xxxx, you’ll hand-deliver and install clients’ artwork. For busy families and design-challenged newlywed couples, this reduces the intimidation factor of actually getting the frames up on the walls!

5 - Look to the future.

Sell your clients on the other benefits of creating wall galleries: because they’re modular, galleries can be built out over time, added on to with each new photo session. And because you view your role as a photographer that will chronicle their family for a lifetime, you’ll help them create frame collections that can be passed down to their children.
PS...don’t forget the albums! Beautiful coffee table books are great for collecting and will show the history of their family as they grow.
We can’t wait to hear how these tips help you sell galleries with ease. Connect with us on Facebook, or send us your success story here.

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