How to Collaborate for Success

As kids we were taught that collaboration was a great thing. Remember all those group research projects you did in middle school? Odds are, you hated those group projects just like we did because you were the one who always got stuck doing most of the work. It’s no surprise then that most of us avoid collaborating with other people to promote our businesses.
But we’re here to backup what your 7th grade teacher was saying: collaboration and working as a team are beautiful things… when done properly. This guide takes all the guesswork out of collaboration by helping you create a step-by-step plan to make your next collaboration magic.

Whether you’re a photographer that wants to collaborate with other wedding vendors or a maker that wants to collaborate with a local boutique, this guide has everything you need to find the best partners, successfully pitch your collaborative idea and work through any potential problems that may arise.

This 39 page collaboration guide includes a worksheet designed to help you discover and define your target market so you can focus on creating collaborations that will bring the right people to your business and your partner’s.

Collaboration Guide at a glance:
Gorgeous, printable guide
Best practices for cultivating great relationships
Tips on communication and etiquette
Case studies
And more...

**Special thanks to Sarah Deragon and W&E Photographie for the lovely images displayed throughout the guide!
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