Changes Occurring in the Design Aglow Frame Shop

Changes Occurring in the Design Aglow Frame Shop

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The beginning of a new year always comes with a list of goals and plans for change. New year, new me, right? Well, we’re no different here at Design Aglow.

We’ve got some big things happening in our Frame Shop, and we hope you’re as excited as we are about them. All of the following changes will go into effect starting February 1st, 2017.

Don’t worry, we’ll make this as easy and seamless as possible for you.

Here’s the lowdown:

All frame names will be changed.

Say your goodbyes to “Bella”, “Woodworks”, and “Metro.” The frames themselves will remain the same, we will just be switching out the existing frame names to better reflect the character of each frame, help with our white labeling efforts, and share our love of Portland, Oregon with the rest of the world. 

Here are what the new names will be starting Feb. 1st:
Bella → Hawthorne
Woodworks → Laurelhurst
Metro → Sellwood

Read more about why we chose these new names here

Grab & Go Collection Updates:

After a few years of evaluating popularity and sales on all of our frame styles and sizes, we have decided to change out two of our Grab & Go Collections for ones with a more fresh and modern layout.  

  • The contents of Collection 2 will be completely replaced with (4) 20x20s with 16x16 mat openings. We will no longer be offering (4) 20x24 frames with 16x20 mat openings, (1) 8x10 frames with 5x7 mat openings, and (1) 5x7 frame with 4x6 mat openings in this collection.

Design Aglow Collection 2

  • Collection 3 will also change to offer (9) 10x10s with 8x8 mat openings, replacing the current offerings. Collection 3 will not include (3) 10x20 frames and (3) 20x20 frames.


Don’t worry - you can still order all of these frames separately in our a-la-carte section if you would still like to sell the previous collections to your clients! Additionally, if you pre-sell any of the new collections, you can also order them as a-la-carte frames for now. They will be available to purchase as complete Grab & Go sets starting Feb. 1st.

If you have previously purchased the Frame Shop Sales Catalog & Lookbook, you will receive an email to download the new version. If you do not receive this email by Friday, January 6th, please contact us with your previous order number so we can send you the newest version. If you do not currently have it, order yours here to make selling frames a breeze!

Price Changes

There will be a slight price increase to most items in our Frame Shop. We don’t like it either, but we will always pass along the best possible pricing to ensure you make money! Please refrain from grabbing your pitchforks and torches.

Click here to download your free 2017 Frame Shop Price List.

P.S. - we are actively working on getting better shipping rates for you in the future. Stay tuned, we hope to have more affordable shipping options soon!

Discontinued Sizes & Styles

The following frames will also be discontinued beginning on the 1st of February:

  • All Woodworks frames offered in the color Natural. Once we’re out of the frames, we won’t be bringing them back. We apologize if Natural Woodworks happens to be your favorite frame, but you’ve still got some time to grab them before they’re all gone. 
  • 8x12 and 24x24 frame sizes in all styles (the 24x24 size will still be included in Collection 1, but will no longer be sold a-la-carte).

And, finally, the last change: our face papers will no longer include the Design Aglow name. Hooray for easier drop shipping!

Thank you for your continued support for Design Aglow, and we hope you enjoy our new and improved Frame Shop as much as we do!

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