Family Photography Week: Meet Nicole Rollin

After college, I went straight into early education teaching and while it was fulfilling, my photography hobby starting consuming all my free time…and naturally, all of my preschool families became my first clients. The wonderful and crazy thing is that now, after photographing for 15 years…all of these young families are coming to me for senior pictures!!! 

I have gone through several photography style changes over the years!  I started off strictly offering black and white film portraiture. Then, when I began shooting with my digital camera, I was drawn to bold, vibrant colors. Over the last five years, my style has changed with the trends, and although I love all things light and airy. I add my personal touch with a little more vibrancy and a slight golden hue.

Even though my photo style has gone through many changes, my work has been constant, which keeps my clients coming back year after year! I am a very relational photographer…I love to capture the love & joy in families…I love to capture genuine smiles and laughter. And I make sessions short and sweet (which all the moms and dads appreciate).  

I come prepared with my bag of tricks and my poses already planned out…so that after 30 minutes, the pictures are done and the family can leave without a single child crying!!! 

I enjoy capturing the beautiful connections between parents and their children and between siblings. But I get the most fulfillment when that same client contacts me year after year to photograph their family. Watching children grow up before my very eyes, knowing that I get to be a part of their journey…and what an important part it is… documenting their childhood!   

When I first started out - I didn’t really go into my sessions with a plan. I would spend too much time on the session - stumbling over my posing…and lose the children’s interest because I had yet to create my “bag of tricks” (which is a lifesaver!!! If you haven’t created one yet, grab a backpack and fill it with stickers, bubbles, squeaky toys, photo-friendly stuffed animals, blocks/wooden cars, treats/rewards, wipes, etc).  With planning out your posing before the session, and bringing a bag of tricks…you will be amazed at how smoothly each session goes!!! And it’s quick!!! AND…Beware of how much extra time you put in when you overshoot. 

Time is money…keep the sessions short and sweet, and set a limit for yourself on the post-editing work.  

I encourage all my family clients to purchase framed wall portraits and wall galleries. I truly believe that children who see photographs displayed in their homes feel a sense of family unity and importance! My favorite frame is Hawthrone in gold or silver…it compliments almost every home décor! I also present every client with a branded USB showcased in a beautiful gold embossed gift box and a gift bag from Design Aglow. 


Nicole is a portrait photographer based in the Metro Detroit area and specializes in newborn, senior and family portraits & films.  Her style is classic, yet relational—light and airy with a touch of golden hues. Nicole and her husband co-pastor together, are blessed with two children (and a furry golden!), loves home renovation, traveling to new places, local donut and coffee shops. | @nicolerollinphotography




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