Family Photography Week: Meet Danaea Godard

My photography journey began in the darkroom of my fine arts high school. Even though it was only an elective at the time and not my major (dance was), I felt very drawn to portraiture in particular. I didn’t come back to it until my mid 20’s when I was really figuring out who I am and what I love to do. Wedding and family photography appealed to me naturally as I l enjoy authentically documenting people amongst those they love.  

Something comes undone in us when we are surrounded by the people we hold dear. I have this unique opportunity to be let into that space and trusted to create meaningful, artfully driven photos for people.

If an image doesn’t evoke emotion, I’ll quickly pass over it. I try to consider not only what’s happening before me but how the people I’m photographing are feeling. My aim is for people to feel comfortable enough to be themselves and I find interaction is the key. 

I love working with kids and I love how they usually don’t care one bit about my camera; if anything it ignites a performance or two (or five or ten)! They let their guard down, and are unapologetically them. It is so charming how comfortable how kids are in their own skin.

Parents often take queues from their little ones, and either let themselves get lost in their kids’ worlds or at the very least, turn their focus onto them. This allows everyone to let their true selves come through much more quickly. 

 As a mom and a wife I know just how treasured these images will be, not only by the parents who hired me but by the kids and their kids to come. Being able to provide families with these treasured pieces of time is incredibly rewarding. Nothing triggers the memory like a photograph and time goes by too quickly for anyone’s liking. 

Spend time getting to know your clients; ask them questions about themselves and their family. Allow them to feel more like humans and less like subjects to be herded, placed and posed. Patience, taking your time, and a BIG smile on your face is key.

My favorite products from Design Aglow include embossed packaging because they’re a beautiful place for printed images to live and be discovered. Design Aglow has beautiful frames that allow you to plan out a configuration display of multiple frames and arrive with your prints in them, ready to hang. 

Printing your photos is important because our most important moments can’t only live on in our phones.


Danaea Godard is a photographer based in Vancouver, BC. Her work is focused on relationships, movement, and stories. She is driven by connection and those in-between moments of life. | @thegodards

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