Design Aglow Magazines: Elevate Your Online Presentation

Design Aglow Magazines: Elevate Your Online Presentation


*Images by Tiarra Sorte

Gorgeous magazines are a wonderful tool to excite your clients visually, while also presenting an irresistible overview of your unique services. Showcase
perfectly worded content, welcome potential clients, and easily convey your style, products and studio details. Include rave reviews to inspire future clients with a professional presentation that sets you apart from all others in your market.

Oh, did we forget to mention? You don’t have to print a magazine to take your brand to the next level. Our magazine templates are created for print or paperless online presentation. Sending a magazine digitally is an easy way to impress potential clients with polished marketing, quickly and efficiently. And, remember that you can continuously update the content, too!



Okay, so you have the templates. Now what? Well, first you have to make the choice to customize your designs in Photoshop or InDesign. While we love both, we find that InDesign is a much more effective use of time for magazine or book layouts, as the process is incredibly quick and user-friendly. You’ll need to export one final PDF, and Photoshop is definitely more time-consuming.

Don’t worry, though. If you choose to use Photoshop, we won’t judge. But please know we won’t be covering how to customize and export in Photoshop in this post. (Hello, Google.)

Now, it’s go time!


One of the fantastic things about showcasing your marketing materials online, is that you have tons of options. Here are a few tried and true:

  1. DropBox (easiest)
  2. ISSUU (prettiest, fairly easy, and free if you’re ok with small ads. You can also pay a small monthly fee to make your content ad-free)
  3. Hosting on your own server. You’ll need access to your FTP, and we recommend having your web guru do it for you, as we won’t be covering it in this post.


1. Easily add images by using a shortcut key

One big plus to using InDesign is no clipping masks. Simply drag & drop your image directly into the image placeholder you want to fill and it should automatically resize to fit within the frame. However, if it doesn’t, you can easily use the InDesign hot-key to correct the image.

For the majority of our designs, you will want the content to fit the frame proportionately. If your photograph is too zoomed in, or isn’t fitting correctly, you can select the image and use this hot-key: Command + Option + Shift + C (on MACs). This will automatically change the fitting of the image to constrain to the shortest side of the image box.


InDesign has an option to hyperlink any text, image, or graphic, which you can then export to be clickable within the final PDF. So cool, right? This means that you can link to vendors, pages in your website, your social media accounts, and more. Here’s how:


First, set your InDesign file to the right workspace. On the right of the Application Bar you’ll see “Essentials.” Use the drop down and set to
“Interactive for PDF.” Bingo.


From here, choose the Hyperlinks option. A panel will pop out, and you will see “
http://___________” at the top. Select the image, text, or graphic that you would like to link in your file. With that selected go back to the hyperlink panel and delete the “http://___________”. In it’s place, copy + paste the desired link directly from your browser window.

Once you’re finished pasting the link, press enter. If it’s valid, you will see a green circle next to the link.



* Image by Kallima Photography

Voila! You can repeat these steps as many times as you’d like. Easy-peasy.

Note: Never send out anything without checking to see if the links are working correctly. We’ll describe how to correctly export an interactive PDF below~


3. Customize “Your Studio Photography”

We’ve included a ton of professionally written verbiage in every magazine, and we want to make sure that you personalize it to the fullest. When you’re editing, make sure to search through all of the text and change “Your Studio Photography” to your business name.

  • Hit the [Command + F] keys to open a pop-up where you can easily find Your Studio Photography and have it automatically replace to your personal studio name. You can utilize this tool for any repeating text you’d like to change, such as email addresses, so go crazy!


  • If you’re not into using hot keys, which is totally okay, you can open this same exact window by navigating to Edit > Find/Change. Repeat the same steps as above.

In addition, the bottom of each page has a website section, so don’t forget to update that as well!


Woohoo! You edited everything, and you’re ready to export it. What’s next?

If you are sending your PDF via email, uploading to a site like Dropbox, or hosting it on your own server, you will want to export it as an Interactive PDF.

  • Save your work. Press Command + E (export) or navigate to File > Export
  • In the Export dialogue box name your file appropriately, choose a location on your computer to save it, and select Adobe PDF (Interactive) as the format.
  • Under the “Export to Interactive PDF” dialogue box, use these settings:
    Pages: All; Spreads;
    View After Exporting;
    Embed Page Thumbnails;
    View: Fit Page;
    Layout: Default;
    Page Transitions: From Document;
    Forms and Media: Include All;
    Compression: JPEG (lossy);
    JPEG Quality: Maximum;
    Resolution: 300

  • Before hitting “OK” We also recommend clicking on the “Security...” button. Under Permissions choose a password to restrict printing, editing and other tasks.


  • Hit “OK” to export your Interactive PDF, and always test your links before uploading and sharing.

If you are uploading your PDF to an online resource, such as ISSUU, you will need to export your files as an Adobe PDF.

  • Download the Issuu preset on this page and add it to your presets
  • Press Command + E (export) or under File >> Export
  • In the Export dialogue box, name your file appropriately, choose a location on your computer to save it, and select Adobe PDF (Print) as the format.
  • In the Export Adobe PDF dialogue box simply choose Adobe PDF Preset: ISSUU
  • Hit “Export” and follow ISSUU’s uploading instructions


HURRAH!! You’re all set! You now have a beautiful, personalized, and easily accessible digital magazine. Shout from the rooftops, show everyone, and elevate your business with this new asset. Also, don’t forget that we’re always here to help in any way we can!


Save $20 off of any magazine through Friday, October 7th. **Now extended through Monday, October 10th @ 11:59 pm PST.** No code necessary~


* Modern Minimalist Wedding Magazine used as example throughout article

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