Design Aglow is Going to Alaska!

Design Aglow is Going to Alaska!

Find yourself a comfy chair and grab a cup of coffee, because we’ve got a little bit of a story for you today about our dream to get our team to Alaska. Here’s how it all started...

Every month at Design Aglow, one team member is tasked with planning an event to help build a positive company culture and freshen things up. We’ve done fun things like see Tony Robbins and make bath bombs together, but we wanted to do something BIG for a company retreat. But what? And then it hit us! Nothing’s bigger or better than Alaska!

This is basically how it went down..

Nikki: Is our team event coming up soon?

Sarah: Who’s turn is it to plan?

Simone: I think it might be my turn… But some of you will be gone at the end of the month!

Lena: Why don’t we skip the team event in May and do a retreat to Alaska in June?

Lauren: … HECK YES!

So no more daydreaming about lush forests and gorgeous glaciers... We’re going to be able to get there and experience them in person! But why go on a trip this large anyway?

Here’s why:

Since its inception, Design Aglow has never taken a break. That’s over 10 years of constant work and over 500 products designed and developed nearly non-stop! We think it’s high time for a breather.

This coming June, our team is taking a short company retreat to Alaska. Our hope is that this short company retreat will allow us to unwind and come back overflowing with fresh and original ideas. We plan to have fun, take lots of photos, but also have intensive work sessions so we come back better than ever and ready to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Below are a few ways you can help support our small team. Some of these don’t cost you a dime, so share the love and help us get to Alaska~

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download our new (FREE!) digital magazine


One of the best ways to invest in success (both yours and ours), without having to spend extra pennies, our new quarterly is chock-full of uplifting content from our amazing contributors that is sure to inspire and motivate you.

We’re offering this magazine free of charge, but there is also a ‘Pay What You Want’ option. This allows you to easily donate whatever amount you wish to our Operation Alaska fund. Whether you choose $5, $10, or none, we’re profoundly grateful for your support.

Download our new digital magazine here.

help fuel our brainstorming sessions!


Use the donate button below to directly send us a few dollars to help fuel our idea tank! After all, the best gifts aren’t things, they’re experiences.

As a big thank you, we’ll give you (and your business!) a shout out on Instagram while we’re on our retreat!

Even if you can’t donate, we just want to let you know that we greatly appreciate each and every one of you. We wouldn’t still be here after all these years without your support. So, thank you for being part of the Design Aglow community. Be sure to tune into our Instagram for updates on our trip when June comes around!

Here’s to your success and inspiration (and ours, as well)!

- The Design Aglow Team

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