Creating A Defined Brand Experience With Brandy Swartz Photography

We've got wedding and lifestyle photographer Brandy Swartz on the blog today, sharing how she turned her dreams for her photography business into a reality with the help of Design Aglow. Watch her free packaging webinar & read her in-depth feature blow! 

The day I discovered Design Aglow, I felt as if I had finally found my long-lost friend. I started my photography journey at the age of 17 with a Canon Rebel, minimal knowledge and a big heart. The twists and turns of educating myself in this adventurous career was hard work but rewarding. However, one of the areas I always struggled with was bringing a particular brand to life. My business was growing but the clarity of a defined marketing plan, including branding and packaging, seemed light years away. This was when the photography Gods sent me Design Aglow.  





A few years ago, after a lot of vision boards, scribbly notes, late nights, Almost Famous on repeat, coffee, twangy blues music and help from a graphic design friend… That young, unbranded photographer saw a glimmer of hope into a new wonderful world of business clarity… I FINALLY had a logo that rang true to me. Design Aglow helped me take this new baby of mine to a whole new level. With endless possibilities within the most beautifully constructed website, I narrowed my packaging down to the Charcoal Gift Mailers, Charcoal USB Presentation Boxes with Gold Logo Embossing and Dark Wood 16GB USBS with Logo Engraving.

Along with packaging, Design Aglow has opened my eyes to a whole new world of education and inspiration through their AGLOW Magazine, a quarterly creative Bible for all the artistic doers and shakers in the world. A type of publication that gives you the feels like you just got your very first camera. Finally, Design Aglow is, by far, my favorite place to turn to when I need some help with getting my crazy business thoughts out into a clean, organized, trendy chic binder which is The Big Picture Planner. I like to refer to it as the ‘Mama Planner’ because she helps me get right back in line when wedding season starts to become a little chaotic. Through it all, the company has become my friend through consistent product, quality craftsmanship, and huggable customer service.  

With the help of Design Aglow packaging, I now feel like I am mailing GIFTS to my adored clients and that feeling is what makes me wonder if I finally “made it” in this career. These few pieces of subtle changes have made the world of difference in my presence in this industry and to my Brides. After the wedding day ends, a couple opening a high end, quality, generous package that contains the artifacts of their day is the best marketing plan I could ever produce. Most importantly, Design Aglow has helped me achieve what the 17-year-old wedding photographer always envisioned in her head and heart. Partnering up with this loving company and team has been one of the most prominent decisions in this photography journey of life.  

migrated_Screen_Shot_20170602_at_10.29.02_AM_medium.pngv1496424571Brandy Swartz is a Midwest and International Wedding Photographer rooted in Southeast Iowa. For 13 years, hustle and heart has guided her through 200+ weddings all over the world. When she isnʼt on the road or in the air, she is at home with her boyfriend and puppy.


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