The Anatomy of a Client Welcome Packet

Let your clients know you’re worth it, and set early expectations for a fantastic experience.

Client Welcome packets set the scene for a boutique photography experience and position you as the premier studio in your market. Do you crave this type of bespoke presentation for your art and brand but don’t know where to begin? If that’s the case, let us help you. There are so many benefits you can gain from utilizing welcome packets, and you can absolutely use them to elevate your business.

In our opinion, one of the biggest faux pas you can commit when booking a client is to take their retainer for their upcoming wedding or session, and not touch base again until the day before their contracted services with you. Talk about a buzzkill for the client, especially if they have never hired a professional photographer before.

As a creative professional, you want to remind your clients’ that they’ve made the right decision by choosing you to document this time in their lives. Client Welcome Packets are a perfect way to beautifully showcase your work and avoid “buyer’s remorse” by getting them excited about everything they can expect from working with you.

By adding a Client Welcome Packet as part of your onboarding workflow, you can clearly communicate policies and workflow plus set expectations in an ultra professional presentation. Additionally, new clients tend to have questions, so including all relevant information and FAQs in your packet will prepare them for the experience while setting their minds at ease. It’s a win-win for you and your clients.

Now that we’ve covered why you should have a new client welcome packet in place, let’s look at what pieces to include:


Welcome Card

Sets the tone with a friendly studio introduction


• A 2-sided personal note from you

• Studio information

    Use to: 

    • Warmly greet your clients and let them know how excited you are to work together

    • Outline general studio information


      Experience Card

      A full overview of what the client can expect


      • Client experience and expectations

      • Studio policies, fees, and ordering information

        Use to:

          • Kindly, yet formally, outline your expectations and guidelines

          • Remind clients of your workflow plus details pertaining to your studio policies


          Camera Ready Guide

          Prepare your clients for the big day


          • Pre-planning info plus beauty, hair and makeup tips

            Use to: 

            • Help prepare your clients so they look and feel their best for their photographs


              Product Guide

               Plant the seed for investing in wall art, albums, and custom keepsakes


              • 2-sided folded card with pre-sized product mockups

                Use to: 

                • Encourage and inspire your clients to invest in portrait art for their homes


                  Vendor Referral

                  Available in the Wedding Client Welcome Packet


                  • Refers your preferred local vendors

                  • Details offerings, locations, and contact details

                    Use to:

                    • Encourage your clients to utilize your favorite vendors

                    • Cross promote services with local vendors

                      Pro Tip:

                      Always let other vendors know when you are sending leads their way. They’ll appreciate your efforts and want to return the favor!


                      Session Reminder Card

                      Doubles as a unique folded business card


                      • The date, time and location of your shoot

                      • Your contact information   

                        Use to:

                        • Remind your clients of their shoot date and time 



                        We’ve created a variety of professionally written Client Welcome Packets, custom designed for your photography specialty. Simply choose your favorite packet, add your business information, and drop in your images. If you don’t need everything that’s included in the packet, you can omit items. It’s honestly that simple!

                        You can find all of the items that we showcased here in our Meta Client Welcome Packet. We encourage you to explore all the options, and maybe even explore a few different styles to find your perfect fit! These designs are incredibly versatile, and we’re confident that they will truly help to support and better your business.

                        Here’s to your success!


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