A Perfect Pairing

We are thrilled to announce that Design Aglow is now a member of the ShootProof family of brands! 

Our amazing industry friend ShootProof has acquired Design Aglow, and together we'll continue to empower photographers by helping them build successful businesses. We know that by combining our resources, we'll make each other and the photographers we serve, stronger than ever. 

Like Design Aglow, ShootProof exists to improve photographer’s businesses by helping them succeed at every stage of their game. With gorgeous client galleries, simple selling, and studio management solutions, ShootProof takes care of the bulk of a photographer’s workflow, so photographers can focus on what matters most.

“Photographers want to make art; they’re not always so passionate about the other parts of doing business. That’s why Design Aglow and ShootProof are the perfect partners. We solve the problems photographers face every day and support them by helping their businesses grow and thrive.”  

- Lena Hyde, Design Aglow Founder

Design Aglow will remain as it’s always been, only better. Our core team will keep providing smart resources and the high-quality custom services you rely on to keep your businesses on point year after year. Although our founder, Lena Hyde, will be stepping away, with ShootProof’s support, you’ll begin to see some exciting new collaborations and streamlined experiences from us over time.  

As we are proud to become the newest member of the ShootProof family, which also includes Cole’s Classroom and Táve, we are awestruck with gratitude for the amazing customers and partners that have made Design Aglow what it is today. We can't thank you enough for all your support over the past decade.

As Design Aglow plans for the future, we'll be looking for input on how to better support you and your photography businesses. Please drop us a line with your suggestions or any questions you may have after all your success is our business.

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