A Love Letter to the Design Aglow Community

Hello Friends,

With a warm cup of coffee and extremely proud smile, I bring you some fabulous news: Design Aglow has been acquired by an incredible industry friend, ShootProof, who will be supporting and helping her reach new heights! 

In 2006, when digital photography just really started taking off, I began my Design Aglow journey. My goal was to empower the success of my fellow professional portrait and wedding photographers by creating and providing innovative, beautiful, and highly effective photography business tools and resources that were never before made possible.

Now, after 14 years, Design Aglow as achieved just that. Her catalog, of what I believe is the best collection of content, design resources, and curated custom products, has proven to enable photographers to create their own highly successful studios.

Together with ShootProof, and their exceptional family of brands, Design Aglow will continue to empower photographers by helping them build successful businesses. I know that by combining our resources we’ll make each other and the photographers we serve stronger than ever. As I step away from the business to set out on my next journey, I'm excited for Design Aglow, as she goes on to be better than ever.

From artist to accidental CEO, I found that being a boss is a lot like being a parent; you learn as you go. By developing new tools for creative entrepreneurs, I found true nourishment for my creative soul for over a decade. Moving on might be the most challenging part of my Design Aglow journey because of our team and you, our community, are incredible; the cream of the crop. I have so much gratitude for you placing your trust and support with Design Aglow as she grew up. She found her unique voice right alongside you.

I’m so very excited about the future of Design Aglow, especially now with ShootProof at her side. And I very much hope you are too! Thanks so much for all the inspiration, support, camaraderie, and love since 2006...it has meant everything to me.

With love,

Design Aglow, Founder & CEO



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