IPS Horror Stories: Delivering Images Before Payment is Confirmed

Just like everything else in your business, when you don’t follow your own policies and best practices, things can go south quickly. IPS Horror Stories is a new series created to showcase sales and policy blunders other photographers have made so that you can avoid making the same mistakes.  

Here’s the scene:

“I broke my own policy and delivered my client's digital products via email before cashing their check. When I went to deposit it, it wouldn't go through. I contacted my client and asked them to reissue the check, but they said they no longer wanted the order. They insisted that they never received the digitals and I had no recourse.”
- Allegra V, IPS Course Contributor

What went wrong:

This one is pretty obvious, but the photographer should not have sent any images until the payment cleared.

How to avoid this scenario:

It can be tempting to finish up your workflow immediately after the order session by sending off digital images right away. Most clients are honest and would never cancel a check after receiving their images. But it does happen. Make it a policy to not deliver any digital images until after the payment clears. And stick to that policy like your success depends on it… because it kind of does. You can only stay in business if you’re profitable and that means you can’t do work and not get paid.
Most problems like this seem like common sense, yet time and time again photographers find themselves in these situations. It always comes down to having proper policies in place and strictly enforcing them all the time. Our In-Person Sales Guide covers top IPS policies and best practices, so you’ll have a headstart in avoiding the most common problems.
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