Inside Real Studios: Harmony Lynn Photography

Today we're taking a peek inside the studio of Harmony Goodson of Harmony Lynn Photography:

Where, and in what kind of space is your studio located?

Melbourne, FL | Commercial

Square footage


How long have you been there?

3 months

What makes your studio special?

Character. I LOVE my tiny hole in the wall for its charm! The studio is located in the heart of Melbourne's historic downtown shopping district and sits quietly above my favorite coffee shop. When I walked into the space, the first thing I noticed was the old sink and I immediately wanted to take it out. That sink is now my favorite piece in the whole room. I worked it into the gallery wall as a vase and it then inspired the rest of the decor! I created the desk and dress rack entirely from plumbing pipes and lumber to match and then finished the space with a stamp from my branding in purple accessories. It's bright, quirky, and cozy!

How has it helped your business?

As a wedding photographer, consultations are a major part of my booking experience. Opening the studio has allowed me to make a professional first impression. I also love that my clients get to touch the tangible products that I have to offer and see for themselves the worth in my design and printing services. I get to sit down with my couples and create albums and wall art together and then witness their emotional reactions with the finished products.

Do you have any tips for opening a studio?

Do the research on tax and license laws for your specific area before signing a lease. I was definitely caught off guard and paid for it in penalties!

What products do you sell the most?

Albums are my biggest seller followed closely by prints.
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