5 Reasons You Should be Using Pixellu™ SmartAlbums©

(Image courtesy of Pixellu™ SmartAlbums©)

We’re in the business of making your life easier, so when we stumbled on Pixellu™ Smart Albums, we knew we couldn’t keep this secret to ourselves! We believe that photos are created to be printed, not stored on a hard drive… and that creating gorgeous albums should be quick and easy so you can spend more time doing what you love, taking more photos. There are a million reasons to love Pixellu™ Smart Albums, but we’re confident that these five will be enough to make you wonder why you ever did it any other way in the past.

1. They integrate seamlessly with all of the top album companies, including Design Aglow Albums!

Simply select the company you’re planning on printing your album with, select the size, and Smart Albums handles the hard work...like margins or the specific output your album company requires (i.e. pages vs. spreads, starting on a right page, etc.)


2. Full design control:

pre-determine whether you want square images integrated into your smart spreads, if you want a border around your images (and the color), and even the amount of space between your images. For this example, we’re using all of the templates available and increasing the gap to “Thin”, aka 8pt.

3. Drag & drop, all the way (did we mention how much we love drag & drop?).

Simply drag the images you want to use onto the app and they’ll import to the library for you to work from. Then just drag the total number of images you want paired together right onto the album spread. (see image below). BAM. Your images are magically rearranged to create a spread. Want to swap an image position with another? Drag and drop the image right onto the one you’re swapping it with and they’ll play switcheroo. 


4. Easily change your layouts.

Don’t like the first spread? It’s as easy as pressing the “Down” arrow key until you find one that you like. Check out our fun GIF below to see it in action:


5. Smart Errors.

You may have noticed a little yellow exclamation mark on one of our images where it was actually too small for the spot it was trying to fill. This is pretty standard with album design software, however with Pixellu™, if you hover over the exclamation mark, it will show you exactly what percentage your image is being upscaled. This can come in handy for the times when your image is only being slightly upscaled, which won’t affect print quality. Other helpful error tools include things like alerting you exactly how many images are undersized on export, or if your album company requires that you end on a page vs. a spread.

Want to learn more about how Pixellu™ Smart Albums works? Click here to view their tutorials section and see it in action. 

Ready to get started creating your own albums in less time than you’ve ever imagined? Pixellu™ Smart Albums offers a 30 day free trial so you can try it out yourself.

PLUS: Just for our readers: from now until December 31st, 2015, Pixellu™ Smart Albums is offering all new subscribers a $50 gift card to print with Design Aglow Albums, which is valid on both sample or full-priced albums. You’ll also receive a free year of Cloud Proofing ($199 value). Simply click here* to subscribe today and snag your $50 Design Aglow Albums gift card!

*Make sure to use the link above when checking out, or you will not receive the Design Aglow Albums credit. Due to a system error, your shopping cart will say $25, but you will actually receive a $50 album credit.

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