Inside Real Studios: Urban Willow Photography

Today we're taking a peek inside the studio of Lori Vieth of Urban Willow Photography:

Where, and in what kind of space is your studio located?

Bloomington, IL, Commercial

Square footage


How long have you been there?

3 months

What makes your studio special?

I had a very clear vision in my head of what I wanted my studio to look like. I wanted it to represent my branding. I adore the exposed brick in my space and the fact that it is downtown. It has four 8 ft windows which lets the light pour in. I was very meticulous while shopping for everything that went in this space. I wanted to create a space that was Urban Glam...I think I did just that. The seniors and their families LOVE the space. They always say they could live there. I love that they feel like that are coming to a friend's home. They have dessert and drinks and just plunk into the soft leather couch to watch their slideshow and enjoy their time there.

How has it helped your business?

I don't want to discourage photographers that don't have a separate space and I can honestly say I was running a just as successful business out of my home. I was just ready to have a place that was my own. I have 3 sons and to be able to decorate a space that truly reflected my personality was very appealing!! I love the urban vibe with lots of little feminine touches. For me, I think it gives a level of professionalism at this point in my business. I've been shooting for almost 5 years and just felt like the timing was right. I like that it matches who I am as a person!

Do you have any tips for opening a studio?

DREAM IT! WORK FOR IT! DO IT! I truly believe if you have a solid business plan and charge what you are worth you can open a studio someday. Don't fall into the trap of thinking "I could never do that". If you plan and set goals and how to achieve those goals you CAN do it! I looked for over a year for space and this was perfect from the very moment I stepped into it! I knew right then, because I had a vision of what I wanted, that this space would be mine. Start by making a "vision board" either literally or on Pinterest. I had tons of ideas over the past couple of years and it was fun to see how many of those ended up in my studio.

What products do you sell the most?

Image blocks and image boxes from WHCC are my best sellers.
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