Inside Real Studios: Marta Schmidt Fotografia

Today we're peeking inside the studio of Marta Schmidt (of Marta Schmidt Fotografia):

Where, and in what kind of space, is your studio located?
Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain, Residential

Square footage


How long have you been there?

2 years

What makes your studio special?

The fact that it has so much light and it feels so open the moment you go inside. It doesn't even have a ceiling; it goes up to the second floor that I use as my living room.

How has it helped your business?

Clients say that the space really shows who I am and it makes them feel as if they know me already. They also say that my photography style and the decor really match. I love the space because there is usually room for the whole family, and they feel comfortable enough to leave things around and the kids that are waiting can play in another area.

Do you have any tips for opening a studio?

Study the light. It really makes a difference and how you use that light will define your style. Try to have furniture that helps you keep things organized and makes it easy to put everything back into it's place quickly after use, but display some of the nice things you use in your photos (hats, blankets, props).

What products do you sell the most?

Portraits on wood and framed image collections.
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