4 Signs It's Probably Time to Refresh Your Brand

Sometimes it’s easy to spot when certain things need changing: a light bulb, the litter box, or the TV channel. Your branding, however, is not as obvious when it’s in need of an update.
So… How do you know when it’s time to change or refresh your brand?
What does ‘brand refresh’ even mean?
Don’t panic, we’re not talking about a total overhaul of your business. Think of a brand refresh as a personal makeover. A new haircut and an up-to-date outfit can be all it takes to transform a person’s presence, and it’s the same with your brand business.

Renovating your brand will help improve or change the way your business is perceived by potential clients and partners.

Making small changes to your brand can:
  • Inject new energy into your business
  • Ensure your company’s image stays relevant
  • Expand your reach and create excitement within your clientele
Assess your branding and business practices. If you notice any of the situations listed below, it might be high time for a makeover.

Your branding is outdated.

Let’s face it: some things just don’t age as well as wine or cheese, and your branding can be one of those things. We’re looking at you, rustic vintage. Dated branding can age your company’s image and have a negative impact on your business. Every aspect of your business should propel you forward, so take a hard look at your branding and assess whether or not it’s look is holding you back.

We recommend: Take a peek at the Design section on Pinterest to see what the current design trends are. Try to stay away from other photographers’ sites and pages to avoid having a too-similar style. By keeping an eye on trends outside of your industry, you can add a new dimension to your look and truly stand out from the crowd.

Your branding is inconsistent.

If you’re using one logo for your website and another on your packaging, it’s seriously time to consolidate. Choose one color scheme/palette and stick to just one bio, headshot & tagline. You don’t need more than that, we promise.

We recommend: Choosing a consistent brand theme. Check out our four different Branded Personality Design Themes. Each one is fully customizable and comes complete with professional verbiage.  

You’ve changed what you offer.

Is your branding an accurate reflection of who you are and what you offer today? If you’ve made some major changes to your business operations, you need to make sure your branding mirrors those changes.
We recommend: Remove anything from your site or materials that you are no longer offering. You don’t want to accidentally make false promises to your clients because a previous offering was overlooked. Have you added anything to your business that’s helped increase your revenue or makes you stand out against your competitors? Those are things that you should think about highlighting in your branding and marketing.

You’re gearing up for some serious growth.

Expecting growth in the near future? Maybe you’ve doubled up your marketing efforts, or you’ve introduced a new product line into your business. Whatever the reasoning may be, make sure your branding can support you and your business through the big change.
We recommend: Compare your branding to those within and outside your industry, especially those who are dominating the market. Again, take a look at the Design section on Pinterest, and see what design elements are trending. Changing subtle design elements like color and shape could be all it takes to update your brand.
Updating your brand may seem intimidating, but we promise it isn’t. It could be as simple as picking a new color palette for your business or updating the copy on your site or materials to reflect your current (and future!) business. Don’t worry if you’re not a seasoned designer or copywriter, you can easily hire out for these tasks.
Change is always on the horizon. Make sure your business stays ahead of the curve and in line with your business strategy with a brand refresh.
Images above showcase our META Design ThemeChoose from our four themes to create a brand that suits your photography style.

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