Design Aglow's Senior Week 2015: A Day in the Life with Leslie Kerrigan

As we head into Day 5 of Senior Week, let's follow through a day in the life of Leslie Kerrigan of Leslie Kerrigan Photography and Seniorologie~

7:00 AM -  “Wake Up!” (My husbands says this every morning, since I refuse to get my own alarm clock). I always think to myself, “Wouldn’t it be so nice to get up before everyone else and have some time to myself?” But I like to sleep way too much, so I get up at the very last possible second and hit the ground running.

7:05 AM - Time to get the kiddos up! They also get to sleep until the last possible second!

7:15 AM - I really put it in overdrive, as I literally have about 25 minutes max to get breakfast made for kids, lunches made for kids, and get them out the door for school. Multi-tasking at its finest: Make breakfast while making their lunches. Quickly unload/load the dishwasher while they brush their teeth. Every second counts!

7:35 – 7:40 AM - Corral the kids to get their shoes on, grab their backpacks and get out the door!  We pile in the mom mobile (aka the Volvo) and drive the appropriate speed to school!  We live literally a mile from school but because of traffic, it takes 15-20 minutes to get to school and through car line.  During this time, I practice biting my tongue and not lashing out at the people who have not quite figured out the car line. That will probably be me next year as my oldest will be in middle school.  Yikes!

8:00 AM - Kids are dropped off and I made it through the car line without shouting at someone! Yay! It’s going to be a good day. Now it is time to decide if I go to Starbucks for my Tall White Chocolate Mocha non-fat no whip ... or go home and eat a healthy breakfast and workout. (Unfortunately, Starbucks usually wins!)

8:30 – 9:15 AM - If Starbucks lost today, then I work out. This is usually a video or something online. Whatever it is, it needs to be quick because there is a lot of work to be done and even though the kiddos are in school all day. It seems like there is never enough time in the day to get it all done!

9:15 – 1:00 - PM  Work, Work, Work!  Anything from editing LKP photo sessions, to returning emails, to calling potential clients that have inquired about a senior photo session with Leslie Kerrigan Photography. For example, I email potential clients my LKP Welcome Guide only after I have personally spoken to them. This Welcome Guide contains information about the LKP experience as well as available dates.  

Switching gears, I blog for Seniorologie and approve submissions for Seniorologie.  Get on a quick call to my workshop/conference partner in crime, Courtney DeLaura of Get Schooled Photo, and discuss our latest event. Conference 12 will be here before we know it! Take a quick social media break and then back to the next task at hand.  Depending on the day or what is most important, I can concentrate solely on Leslie Kerrigan Photography tasks or Seniorologie tasks or I can flip between both all day!

1:00 PM - I almost always take a lunch break at 1pm. It’s the old corporate world coming out in me; I just can’t help it!  I must take a real lunch break.

Usually make myself a salad or sandwich with a real, not diet coke (I would call it addiction. Really, I need to stop!)  And here is the really juicy scoop on my day…ready?  I watch my DVR’d version of The Young and The Restless. Yes, I know. I am a bit embarrassed admitting it, but I love it. There I said it! It is my escape during my lunch break.

1:45 PM - Get ready for an LKP Reveal Order Session. I love showing my clients their photos and seeing their reactions! I have turned my living room, which was never used, into an order session room. It works wonderfully. I am able to showcase my work and help clients decide what to order, while also having the ability to show seniors their photos on a big screen television or iPad.

2:00 PM - Welcome my clients, offer them something to drink and/or a snack and get ready to show them their photos. I play slideshow set to music and watch as the girls smile (sometimes the mom even cries!) I help them determine what to order to best showcase their photos. After we are done, I hug them goodbye and let them know their order will be ready soon.

3:00 PM - Kids are home! Man, time flies. Time to ask them about their day, check their book bags, make them a snack and help with homework.

3:40 PM - Panic and realize I need memory cards and my battery charged and camera bag packed!  I rush around and get all I need just in time for the shoot!

3:45 PM -  On the days when I have shoots scheduled, the babysitter arrives and I am out the door. I meet my clients at the hair and makeup studio to hang with them while they are getting all glammed up! It is a great time to chat, get to know them and prepare for their session. We laugh, talk about their future plans and decide what is the perfect look for their session. I love chatting about their clothes and helping them determine what their best options are for the shoot.

4:15 PM - Start the shoot!  Sometimes we shoot at the hair and makeup studio, which happens to be located in this fabulous old mill, and other times we go to a field or downtown for an urban vibe.  Depending on the session they chose, we may go to more than one location or we may get everything we need in one spot.

6:00 PM - Finish up senior session with a fun selfie, hug the senior and anyone else that came along (mom, friend, etc) and set up their Reveal Order Session for 1-2 weeks after the shoot.  Now it is time to post that selfie then head home to hang with the fam!

6:15 PM - Arrive home, drop camera bag right inside door and immediately jump back into mom mode. It’s time to make dinner (or serve whatever my beloved crock pot kept warm for me while I was away). Even though my computer is whispering my name, “Leslie, Leslie, Leslie,”  I ignore it and hang out with my hubby and kids.  

8:00 PM - After the kitchen is cleaned, leftovers put away, and kids are up in the playroom playing their boy video games with my hubby, I sink into the sofa and catch up on a little TV.  While watching some HGTV (Fixer Upper is the bomb), Scandal (TGIT) or Nashville, I fold laundry, which is secretly my favorite thing to do because you literally have a valid excuse to sit and watch TV!

9:30 PM - Make sure the kids have brushed their teeth. Breath-check is a must because they hate to brush their teeth. (Gross!)  Get them in bed and kiss them goodnight.

10 PM - Head back to my desk for one last check of my computer to make sure there are no pressing emails.  Touch base with my LKP Spokesmodels with a post in our private Facebook group or a quick text. Make a to-do list for the next day and try not to stress over the number of to-do’s on the list.

10:30 or 11 PM - Head to bed. Remember: I like to sleep as mentioned earlier so there are no all-nighters in my day!  My head hits my favorite pillow and I dream of new ideas for either LKP or Seniorologie. - Head to bed. Remember: I like to sleep as mentioned earlier so there are no all-nighters in my day!  My head hits my favorite pillow and I dream of new ideas for either LKP or Seniorologie.


Leslie Kerrigan is the creator and editor behind THE resource for Senior Portrait Photographers: Seniorologie. Seniorologie is a blog dedicated to inspiring and educating photographers on the art of senior portrait photography. Blogging, meeting, and getting to know photographers is her passion and she loves to educate photographers on how to build a successful senior portrait business. In addition to Seniorologie, Leslie also owns her own photography business, Leslie Kerrigan Photography. As a photographer in Greenville, South Carolina, Leslie specializes in high school senior portraits.

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