3 Quick Tips for IPS Success

Design Aglow contributors Andy & Amii Kauth of Sunshine & Reign Photography are sharing a few quick tips to lead you to in-person sales success!
About 6 months ago, we realized, largely through conversations with fellow wedding photographers, that our in-person sales (IPS) game was weak. Well, let’s be fair: it was non-existent. We were basically selling some products online, occasionally. Our “viewing and ordering sessions” were not generating good sales numbers.
After some serious reflection, and more conversations with our friends in the industry, we realized that we were missing out on some serious revenue. But we also realized that we were doing our couples a major disservice. Wait. What? How could our couples be missing out by us not selling them products? Here’s the reality: despite what you’ll undoubtedly hear about “the digital age,” people want to print images, and they want to place them throughout their homes.
We ended up making some adjustments, and in a matter of only a few months, we took our IPS numbers from the less-than-hundreds-of-dollars range to the thousands, and that’s per  IPS session. At our “design consultations,” we now provide our clients with high quality products that allow them to create a legacy of printed images for their children and their children’s children. Interested in adding some fuel to the fire of your IPS game? Read on for 3 quick tips that you can implement immediately:

IPS Tip 1: Offer a Day-of-Deal

We always offer our couples a deal that they can only receive if they purchase products at the design consultation. Ideally, we prefer to meet with couples to deliver their images and show them our products in person. Of course, some of our couples live in another state or country, and we use Skype for those design consultations.
Our day-of-deals are always geared specifically toward the couple. For example, if we know a couple doesn’t like canvases, we don’t offer them an incentive to buy canvases or complimentary canvases with an order. One effective day-of-deal is to offer a complimentary framed portrait with each order. We definitely had to get over the idea that we were engaging in “high pressure sales” when we first started creating personalized day-of-deals. Now, we look at it like this: we’re offering our couples an incentive to make art that they want, and will love!


IPS Tip 2: Always Have Samples Available

Do you buy a car you haven’t test-driven? Do your couples purchase their wedding rings without trying several on? Not likely! That’s why we have samples of all the products that we offer our couples on hand. At our design consultations, we let them page through our albums, feel prints, examine the quality of our canvases, and select from different frame options. This hands-on approach goes a long way and always pays off, even when we need to haul a slew of curated products to a couple's’ home.


IPS Tip 3: Invite Family & Friends

We always encourage our couples to invite family and friends to their design consultations. Our couples appreciate the experience because this is their very first look at all their images, and it’s something special that they share with their closest loved ones. And even though we don’t necessarily direct our sales beyond our couples, their family and friends so enjoy looking at all the images. They’re also right in the mix, discussing their favorite images and which images they think would look best for investing in as fine art and for their couple (and parent!) albums. It’s a lot of fun for them, and for us!
We were also surprised after the first few times that our couples did indeed have family and/or friends in attendance. Many families and friends also purchase albums, framed prints, and canvases. And why not? They also want those memories in print. Of course, we extend the deals to everyone in attendance. And, these types of social unveilings bring a huge amount of goodwill, trust, and future referrals to our brand.
We adore our design consultations and schedule them with couples whether it’s for delivery of wedding, elopement, engagement, or anniversary images.
We want to hear about your best IPS tips. What has worked for you? What hasn’t? Comment below!
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Amii & Andy (Sunshine & Reign Photography) are destination wedding photographers based in Arizona. Their images and articles have been featured in notable blogs and print magazines, and they’re also authors at SLR Lounge. They love being married to each other, they have 5 kids, and when they aren’t shooting weddings, Amii & Andy are usually either working out in their garage, practicing archery, or planning their next road trip. Their goal is to document love in the most epic way. To see more of Amii & Andy's work, visit them here.



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