The Design Aglow Cinema Line is here!


There's something about film that's just so moving.

Sumptuous, modern cinematography deserves equally gorgeous branding, presentation, and marketing. Because of this, Design Aglow knows there is great value in providing discerning clients with a polished presence, from the moment they surf your site until they refer your next client.

What if we could help enhance your studio's presence, as well as your profits?

We understand professionals need added tools to enhance their business image as well as simple solutions for business, workflow, and marketing. Design Aglow Cinema provides affordable, elegant solutions to complement your cinematic craftsmanship. What’s more, we’re an industry leader in the professional photography industry, with smart resources to help you grow your business and presentation like never before.

DESIGN AGLOW CINEMA helps you market and promote your studio

Our beautiful, high-impact tools are professionally curated to complement any studio. Clean, aesthetic stylings ensure your art takes center stage, but without the added effort (or expense) of hiring your own design, marketing and branding team.

Quality designs + Professional business products = A Reel Deal

Instinctively meeting the needs of modern wedding and portrait filmographers in search of more time, more options and more opportunities to grow, exclusive Design Aglow Cinema resources create the industry standard in innovative, flexible templates, helpful suggestions and best practices for growing your business in a smart, sustainable way.
Finally, a specialized cinematography line created to support you in growing your business with sumptuous simplicity and impeccable presentation!
Join us on the blog for the next two weeks for interviews with inspiring professional cinematographers, peeks into the hot new Cinema products, and a chance to win a Cinema Studio Makeover (worth 1000+)!
What are you waiting for? Click here to check out the Cinema Line~

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