Design Aglow DIY: Adding Prints to a Presentation Folder

Today we're excited to get a little crafty and show you how we include prints inside our presentation folders. Grab your coffee (of course) and supplies and let's get started on this quick, 10 minute project!
1. Gather your supplies:
• pen or pencil
• ribbon (about 32 inches long)
presentation folder
• scissors or X-Acto knife
• prints (our 5x7 example prints use the borders from our Vendor Marketing Kit)

2. Place your prints in the center of your presentation folder and make a mark on either side of the prints (centered between the top and bottom) the same height as the width of your ribbon (our ribbon is approximately 3/8 inch wide, so our marks reflect that).

3. Use scissors or an X-Acto knife to cut along your line. (Don't forget to place something beneath your presentation folder to protect your cutting surface.)

4. Feed the ribbon through each slit from the back to the front.

5. Place your prints inside and tie a ribbon.

6. Add any other items you'd like to your folder (in this case, we're using our Vendor Marketing Kit).

7. Close your folder up, and you're done! We've added another ribbon to the outside, and a little sprig from our garden for an extra special touch.

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