SEO Cookbook for Photographers

We're loving the latest version of Zach Prez' SEO Cookbook for Photographers.

Are you…
• Needing more inquiries via search engines?
• Tired of optimizing without results?
• Hesitant to trust the advice of other photographers and non-experts?
• Wasting time adding the same keywords to every page or image?
• Confused every time Google makes an algorithm change?
• Just wanting to be told what to do and how?

With the SEO Cookbook you can:
• Rank for your city and niche (wedding, portrait, newborn, family, etc)
• Rank dozens of additional phrases from specific venues to styles
• Incorporate SEO into your existing workflow, without tons of time
• Focus on optimization activities that really matter and ignore the ones that don’t
• Ask me for help when you need advice

What You Get
The SEO Cookbook (3rd edition, 2015) is a 60-page PDF that teaches photographers everything they need to know about search engines and how to rank well. It is broken into simple recipes, each taking 15 minutes to 4 hours. The recipes allow you to focus on a specific part of your website a little bit at a time. For example you can optimize your homepage one day, images another day, then a blog post, then get featured on another website.

It covers how Google works and how to exploit its ranking factors. It tells you step by step instructions for improving every page of your website so searchers can find you.

What are you going to learn?
• How Google works – what is uses in its algorithm and what it ignores
• How to rank locally
• How to optimize your homepage for your main phrase
• How to optimize a photo gallery
• How to optimize a blog post
• How to stand out in search results
• How to rank your name
• How to optimize images
• Ideas for building online popularity
• How to optimize a blog
• What SEO tactics to avoid
• What to put on your pages to get searchers to hire you
• Where to find messages from Google about your website

Click here to get yours today!

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