Inside Real Studios: Mellow Yellow Photography

Today we're peeking inside the studio of Melodie Schultz (Mellow Yellow Photography):

Where, and in what kind of space is your studio located?

Residential; Bentonville, AR

Square footage


How long have you been there?

The space is newly remodeled as of April 1st

What makes your studio special?

It just feels like home. It doesn't scream SELL SELL SELL, it screams get cozy and lets have some fun while you're here! It truly feels like you've stepped into my website. The pops of color all fit, and everything is very clean and crisp. It's so Mellow Yellow.

How has it helped your business?

It JUST got finished over a week ago, but I know this space is going to help showcase my best work, and personality. Not only is it going to be a fabulous space to meet clients and hold ordering sessions, but it is such a calm, relaxing space to work. I have already got more work done in a day than I normally do in a week ;) I just want to be in here.

Do you have any tips for opening a studio?

Patience and a clear direction. When I first decided to do this, I wanted to dive in head first! I'm sometimes known as "Gung ho Mel" because when I decide to do something, I MUST do it now! This was a huge test for me, but I knew I wanted to do it right, and take my time. It took about three months from start to finish to do everything, and it was 100% worth it. I also drew a layout of how and where I wanted everything from the very beginning. Some things got rearranged, but for the most part, I stayed true to my plan.

What products do you sell the most?

My most sought after products are albums and wood prints. I recently introduced view masters into my top Senior collections, and the girls are going ga-ga over them!

Do you use Design Aglow products in your studio? If so, which product(s), and how have they helped your sales?

I absolutely love Design Aglow everything. Right now I am using the frames, and always have used the templates. So clean, and clear. Obviously something I love. I am dying to try out the albums. Oh, how I swoon over those almost daily, and just today I did some pricing/budgeting for the packaging. With this new space, I want EVERYTHING to tie in and I think the packaging will help polish up my brand a lot.
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