Framed Wedding Surprise for Brides & Grooms

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We love seeing the creative ways people are using our frames in their businesses. Amelia of Amelia Soper Photography shares,
"I use your simply fabulous a-la-carte Bella frames to gift my wedding couples with their very first framed wedding portrait on their wedding day. At the end of the wedding, right before I pack up to head home, I tuck myself away for a few minutes to get out my laptop upload some of the images from the day. Then I select one of my favorites and edit, crop for the 8x10 Bella frame (with 5x7 mat) and print up the image there with my little portable photo printer. I pop it in the frame, show it to the couple and then put it up for display on their gift or guest book table (so they don't forget to take it home with them). 

It's something unique that not a lot of photographers do and I think it's a very special gesture. In terms of marketing, lots of people have attended and been in weddings and when they notice something cool that you haven't seen before it gives them reason to remember you and mention it to others. Did you see that Jen's photographer actually gave her a framed wedding photo to take home on her wedding day?!

My couples (and their parents) absolutely LOVE this! Usually their first words (after the stunned look, hug and OMG!) are "How did you DO this??!" I just smile and tell them it's magic. I think having a professional photo from their wedding day, to take home ON their wedding day is a priceless gift. It's something they can immediately display when they get home and seriously, who doesn't love instant gratification? This was originally an idea I got from my mentor and amazing photographer, Mary Marantz. Such a great way to help my clients cherish their wedding day even more."
Thanks for sharing, Amelia! We love your approach and are so happy for your success. Enjoy your $75 shopping spree on us~

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