Design Aglow is hiring in Portland, OR!

Job Title: Customer Service & Design/Production Assistant

Hello. We’re Design Aglow, a little company with giant ideas. Since 2006, we’ve been an industry leader for information, education, and templates created for the success of professional portrait and wedding photographers. Our team has created 300+ products that help photographers shine, and we have begun a long-term growth cycle that includes two internationally published books in partnership with Random House and online wholesale frame, packaging and album shops to serve our international market. Innovation is a team constant, and we’re always seeking (and developing!) the industry’s next big thing. At Design Aglow, the entrepreneurial and artistic spirits coexist, with one always pushing the other to new heights.

Our success revolves around a collaborative environment, the happy flow of minds working together on projects that make a difference in photographers’ lives. Our team needs a full-time Customer Service & Design/Production Assistant for our Portland office who can thrive in a fast paced, entrepreneurial environment. You should have excellent communication skills, be able to juggle several different jobs at the same time, and be able to make decisions on the fly. The variety of the work on a day-to-day basis recommends this job to people with strong work ethics, organizational abilities, a creative sensibility, and a love of growth.

We strive to maintain an open and creative work environment where everyone has the ability to voice opinions and affect company strategies. Our growth is a direct result of consistently setting trends (rather than following them) and growing a strong team of dedicated, passionate employees.

Customer Service & Design/Production Assistant will:
• Work closely with the Production Manager and Graphic Designers
• Assist customers mainly via email
• Convert products from Photoshop to InDesign and vice versa
• Correspond with contributing photographers
• Order sample products via ROES systems
• Collect and curate images for new products
• Assist in the copyrighting process of all products
• Assist the Production Manager and Designers on various daily tasks
• Create and update product tutorials

Required Qualities and Characteristics:
• Excellent written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills
• A working knowledge of Photoshop and InDesign
• At least 1 year of customer service experience
• Familiarity with the professional photography industry and current trends
• Ability to perform effectively in a fast-paced team environment, with a high level of creativity and entrepreneurship

This position is in Portland, OR and applicant must be local. Please submit your resume to with the subject of the job you are applying for before March 15th, 2015. No calls, please.

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