How to Sell Albums (and increase your studio revenue by $40,000+)

People often say less is more; when it comes to client images, more is most definitely more.

So what do you do for those clients that want it all--the good, the great and even those candid shots they didn’t even realize were captured? Sure, you could simply hand them a thumb drive and send them on their way, but then you’d be cheating them. No one sees those images. No one enjoys those moments. They won’t even stand the test of time since thumb drives are lost and technology rules out storage devices without constant updating.

Now consider an album. It’s real. It’s meant to be touched. It shows care and craftsmanship. Technology won’t dampen its spirit. It’s a finished product enjoyed every day for the rest of the time, to share with friends and family in an interactive and natural way. And it’s worth ten times more than any digital format.

Ready to greatly increase your sales and avoid turning over an entire session on a disk or thumb drive, simply through easy and effective client education?


Show Albums on Your Website

Your website is the most natural and effective marketing tool. These days, even Aunt Ruby is online, which means you have the opportunity to make a pretty killer impression before a potential client even books you.

If you’re already presenting gorgeous custom photo albums on your website, your clients already know these are a specialty of yours; this means you’ve already planted a seed for the sale. If your clients are taking the time to peruse your products beforehand, they’re likely already envisioning their own album with your craftsmanship gracing its pages. Win­-meet-win, table for two.

Market Albums Before Your Session

People want to know their options before making decisions--especially financial ones. And face it, we already have enough choices to make on a daily basis, from ordering a lotta latte to picking out the next, great outdoor engagement shoot location (or even those cute shoes you’ve been eyeing).

We like simple; so why not simply link clients to an online Album Sales Catalog & Lookbook (available with our Complete Album Sales Kit) presentation? Or provide them with a printed Mini Album Guide)? Here, clients will browse through our professionally curated catalog and decide which album best suits their style. And by providing your client with quality, stunning resources, you’re creating an invaluable resource available only through you...and setting yourself up for a virtually guaranteed sale.

Include an Album Brochure in Your Welcome Kit

Sharing an Album Guide brochure at the get-go showcasing your photo albums is a gentle, Ninja-like nudge to let your clients know the type of investments you specialize in (albums!). It’s a fantastic, elegant way of offering your products with something to tangibly see and feel, over and over, until your session. You’re setting the stage of ownership through physically handling an object and imagining where this item would be placed in the home and enjoyed. Hello, great marketing genius!

Show a Luxurious Sample at Your Meetings

Talk is cheap (and it doesn’t always look like the beautiful linen album begging for a swank coffee table). Here you are, attempting to extol the virtues of album ownership, but the client envisions those old photos, store purchased albums with the sticky, plastic covered pages their parents pull out from the attic cobwebs when they’re feeling nostalgic. They likely won’t even know about the possibilities for today’s chic and modern albums until you place samples into their hands or show them the possibilities. Become a leader of the album revolution and deliver your clients from the '70s safely into arms of handcrafted storytelling through superior photography and gorgeous album power.

Like you, we aren’t into the “hard sell”. Let’s face it, lens lovers; when amazing products speak for themselves in terms of quality and longevity, it’s enough to present the best of the best and let them speak for themselves.

We’ve also found that in-person ordering increases the average photographer’s sale by at least 100% (and typically more), so we urge all pros to give it a try and stick with it. If you show a stunning sample of an album for your clients to see and look through, they’re undoubtedly going to fall in love. Who wouldn’t want a luxurious keepsake of their favorite people and moments, presented in the most stunning, touchable way ever? It’s really impossible to resist!


What this can mean to your bottom line (or financial success)...

Let’s consider a typical order versus an order with an album.

Say your average order is 3-16x20 canvases and a few 8x10s. This means a client gets about 7 of her favorites, even though she loved almost all of the images you presented. With an album, the client gets the whole story, ready to enjoy, forever. You’ll also generate another $850 to ­$2200 in order revenue, depending on album size. That translates to $44,000­ to 110,000 a year in extra sales for the average photographer shooting only one session per week!

Ready to add albums to your product lineup? We’ve made it easy for you. Simply download our Complete Album Sales Kit to get going with a beautiful presentation your clients will love. Start selling albums today.

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