Living With Art: Design Aglow Frames + Design Chemistry Collages = A Unique Family Gallery

As a photographer, a traveler and an Instagram lover, if it’s one thing I own, it’s so many photographs. Even though I create several custom photo albums each year in an attempt to keep up with our growing family and changing adventures, there are still those favorite images I long to see more often.

In our last home, I created several wall galleries for enjoying our more traditional portraits. Now, since moving from Florida to our new home in Portland, I’ve had the itch to do something new and modern with my captured Instagram memories.

Room without a view. I specifically chose the dining room for this gallery because (let’s be frank here), it’s a fairly uninspired room with not a lot going on visually beyond the traditionally appointed wainscoting. Since the room’s color palette features lavender, black, white and cream, I elected to create images for my new gallery in black and white for a simple, lusciously modern outcome.

Wall of frame. Before planning my collection, measuring my space showed an abundance of linear area and high ceilings in the room. To maximize my display, I opted for mostly vertical frames to get more bang for my image buck. (I ordered black Bella frames from the Design Aglow Frame Shop, a Grab and Go gallery (#5), a set of a set of (3) 24x30, and a set of (3) 16x20 frames for a consistent look, important for unifying images hailing from all over the world.) The clean, black frames, paired with included fresh white mats and black and white prints brings everything together in a unique, appealing way.

Picture perfect. In finding the just the right images for this project, my initial plan of attack was to craft collages, each from a special place we’ve visited. Since the final result was over a hundred Instagram images captured in a different seasons, years and places, I chose to convert the photos to black and white for a clean, consistent feel. My artist’s OCD is completely satisfied with the perfect unity. Now, trips to Barcelona, London, Colorado, Alaska and San Francisco are all featured with just a little more room for some future travels!

If you’ve got it, font it. For nostalgia, some collages share the names and dates of the places fondly ensconced in our memories. The smaller, 8x10 single images are kept simple, sans text.

No holes barred. The images and collages were printed through ProDPI, and the included frame mats completed the museum style presentation. The simple framing system made installing the printed collages a snap, under 5 minutes per frame. I then arranged the gallery on the wall ledge, simply marked two lines on the wall over each frame, hammered in two nails and set my frames atop them. Now there’s plenty of room for sliding frames left or right on the nail heads without adding extra holes.

The result: A perfectly pleasing room that took me under an hour to arrange and hang…. and I assure you, this has never happened before.

Now the room that once lacked life has become a focal point of our favorite family memories.

Not only is the gallery collection the quintessential conversation piece, it’s a constant daily reminder of our family’s love for travel and for each other. And the best part? I still have room for a few more adventures to come. And as winter approaches and embraces our city in its mercilessly icy arms, I’m already mentally packing our bags.

~Lena Hyde
Check out the room before the gallery was added....

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