Design Aglow's Baby Week 2014: Meet Alicia Gould

Heading into day 4 at Design Aglow’s Baby Week, say "hi" to Alicia Gould!

Alicia is a wife, mom, photographer, baby-whisperer, engineer, daughter, sister and last, but not least a self proclaimed “Jersey girl.”

She first called New Jersey home when she was adopted from Seoul, South Korea, at the age of two and has been there ever since!

Alicia is an on-location, natural light newborn photographer who opened the doors to Alicia Gould Photography in early 2008.

In 2013, she merged her passion for newborn photography with teaching by creating the Newborn Photography Course at Clickin Moms University (CMU). Alicia’s newborn work has been featured around the world, from the Daily Mail and My Modern Metropolis to Click Magazine and of course most recently Design Aglow.

With credentials like that, prepare to be inspired...

Welcome Alicia, thank you for joining us on Design Aglow’s Baby Week!

Tell us a little about yourself.
People are always surprised to hear I have an Engineering degree and spent 11 years in the corporate world as a project manager. But, I often see that left brain come out in photography through my planning, workflow diagrams and attention to detail.  My husband and I met in college (he’s also an engineer) and we have two beautiful children: Kayla (8) and Terry (5).

Photography became a priority in my life after my daughter was born in 2006. Entry level DSLRs were everywhere and I became the proud owner of a canon rebel xt.

I was hooked.

In 2007, one of those tragic, life defining moments happened… we lost my dad-- very suddenly. I realized how important capturing every moment was and four short months later, Alicia Gould Photography was born.

For the past 6+ years I did the impossible, by balancing family, a full-time career and my business-- it wasn’t easy! Just this summer, I left the corporate world to focus on my family, photography and teaching the Newborn Workshop at Clickin Moms.

I’ve lived in New Jersey pretty much my entire life. I was born in Seoul, South Korea and came here when I was two. While I don’t remember anything from my previous life, I’m looking forward to heading back there one day with my family to see where I was born. Our family entertained a move to the other side of the world earlier this year, but we are happy to stay near family!

How do you describe your style?

Simple, peaceful and timeless.

What or who really inspires you?

My clients definitely inspire me, especially when they only weigh eight pounds. I’m in awe that my little subjects were just born a week ago and I get to capture their tiny fingers, toes and first cuddles. I love that every family I meet, every parent, every newborn, every sibling, everyone is different. My goal is to capture them in their home as they adjust to life as a new family of 3, 4, 5 or more. Even if mom only slept 4 hours the night before, she looks at her baby with an expression that words can’t describe… so you capture it, so she can remember that moment forever.

What are your top 3 tips for photographing babies?
Patience. My job would be so easy if every newborn slept the entire time, but usually that’s not the case. I can be at a session an hour before I even take a picture. Take your time and don’t rush the baby, ease them slowly into a pose and make sure they are full, warm and comfortable.
• Practice. Even after photographing over 100 newborns, I still learn something new at every session. A lot of that learning comes from making mistakes which is a hard way to learn, but sometimes things don’t stick until you see the mistake… a messy wrap, a bad angle, even something as simple as the way the head is tilted. Use a doll to play with light, wrapping and props.  
• Plan. While every baby and family is different, having a workflow or plan ahead of the session really helps. I’m a visual person, so I will actually sketch out different workflows: one for families with siblings, one if the baby isn’t sleeping, one for if the baby is sleeping and a separate workflow for wrapping. Within those workflows, I write or sketch out how I’m going to get a variety for each pose; moving a hand or foot just a few inches, adding a wrap or changing your shooting angle can really change an image.

Want even more inspiration from Alicia Gould? Visit her site here:


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