Conquer inbox phobia with the Studio Email Assistant


Inbox Phobia?

Conquer it, with the newest edition of the Studio Email Assistant. With both portrait and wedding related email responses, our newly updated best seller is more essential and relevant than ever.
Do you struggle to create smart studio policies that will head off client issues before they arise? What about finding the best way to approach a touchy subject with a client?
We’re not all gifted with the ability to write, but communication is a key factor to any business and you’re certainly not alone in wishing you had eloquent studio policies for virtually every situation. It's for you that Design Aglow has to created an extensive collection of 25 professionally crafted business correspondence letters.
The complete catalog of beautifully written emails helps you deliver the perfect prose for any situation, while also diplomatically but firmly establishing your business policies. You will head off potential problems from the very start, helping you avoid a host of common pitfalls.

The Studio Email Assistant has you covered on everything from how to handle price shoppers and habitual re-schedulers, to how to appropriately set the rules for smart studio policies.
Solve your most difficult client problems with a simple Cut, Paste and Send….we have your back! Gain time and confidence starting today by hiring your new Studio Email Assistant, on sale for a limited time!

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