5 Must Have Products for New Photographers

Making the decision to open a photography business can be a daunting task. New photographers often ask themselves, “How much should I charge?”, “Am I legally covered for accidents and damaged gear?”, “How can I communicate with my clients on a professional level?”. Design Aglow is here to help you with every step of your photography journey. Here are our Top 5 Must Have Products for photographers that want to start out on the right foot.

1. Pricing Guide for Portrait Photographers

The numbers behind your business might not be pretty, whimsical, or full of joy... but they are important! One of the primary causes for failure in small businesses is not the quality of work produced, but the inability to get a handle on finances, costs, and profits.
Understanding the true cost considerations of your business allows you to determine how to price to cover your costs, then to price for your brand - two very different, but equally important, concepts.
Design Aglow has created another exceptional educational tool that will cover the groundwork of basic business finance and budgets, provide you with Best Practices thinking to set up budgets for cost recovery, calculating your time and paycheck and pricing to support your brand strategy. In addition, we have provided you with three ready-to-use price lists that you can put into place today to immediately achieve profitable sales. Finally, of course, we have our industry experts weigh in with their thoughts and experiences to place everything into a perspective you will understand.

2. Portrait Contract

The exceptionally detailed client-friendly Complete Legal Portrait Contract provides a clearly defined legal outline that protects both you and your client, by plainly expressing expectations of both parties. This comprehensive customizable contract ensures portrait sessions will always come together beautifully and without complications. The easy-to-understand terms span 3 pages and can easily be mixed and matched into a variety of combinations, making it a fully customizable contract that can be tailored to a number of specific circumstances.

3. Studio Workflow Assistant

A personal assistant who knows you and your schedule implicitly, helping your life and business run together cohesively. Someone to help with every aspect of studio workflow, from keeping track of client lists to organizing your entire production system; someone who is wonderfully quiet, 150% organized, and even pretty to look at. Oh! And inexpensive to keep around. Sounds too good to be true, right?
Good news: we happen to be in the business of turning dreams into realities. Meet your new personal assistant in the form of Design Aglow’s bestselling Studio Workflow Assistant template, now newly redesigned and updated in our signature Modern Minimalist style. The Workflow Assistant comes with a 24x30 studio template to print as a framed print, whiteboard or metal print, as well as workflow systems and checklists, client correspondence emails, and even a desktop organizer for your computer… all professionally designed and ready to use today! The best part? It’s completely customizable (and we mean completely) to meet the specific needs of your studio and brand. We believe in our Studio Workflow Assistant so much, we even use it in the day-to-day business here at Design Aglow!

4. Portrait Welcome Packet

The Portrait Welcome Packet: Modern Minimalist Edition prepares your clients for a contemporary photography experience. Its typographic savvy establishes you as an arbiter of cool, while its open spaces echo modern possibilities.
Introduce new clients to your policies and philosophies, and set the stage for impressive sales and future referrals with this suite of templates. You’ll feel ready to sell with the included checklists, tips, and tools to maximize your revenue.
Take advantage of this small investment to look like the most chic studio in town with a product that–like all Design Aglow products–pays for itself instantly. Exceed your clients’ visual expectations and set a high bar for client investment with this stunning custom design.

5. The Big Picture Planner

Turn your hopes and dreams into real accomplishments with our simple and effective system for getting things done. Other planners on the market don’t take into account the specific needs of photographers and their businesses; The Big Picture’s gorgeous aesthetic and practical approach will change your life. Let Design Aglow set you up for success in workflow, planning, marketing, and your unique “big picture” goals every single day. Use this planner in 2014, 2015, and for years to come…..
With a 100% customizable format, start planning with The Big Picture on any day you wish, with a fresh design that allows you to fill in your own dates for any year. Once you’ve personalized The Big Picture with your choice of cover and other customizable components, keep yourself accountable by joining The Big Picture Facebook community and enjoying our time management newsletters, motivational content, and additional downloads for your planner every single month, all included with your purchase!

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