Step by Step: How to Get Started Selling Albums

Whether you’re tired of leaving money on the table or you just want to elevate the level of your studio into a full service, luxury experience, we are excited that you are ready to take the leap and start offering the best of products to your customers.
Welcome to the world of luxury products. We are so glad you are here.
What to do, what to do... We will break it down just for you.

1. Create a album section on your website.

You must plant the seed that your studio sells albums (and hopefully other products like framed art too). Create a section on your site called “Fine Art Albums” and use stunning, professional album imagery and verbiage from our Complete Album Sales Kit to get you up and running. Make a blog post with the same content, announce it on your social media platforms, and drag it all into a studio email newsletter too!

2. Make a studio sample album.

Take your favorite session from the last year or shoot a new one just for a studio sample album. Use our free Design Aglow Albums Template to design your album in Photoshop or InDesign. Upload your sample album here (after purchasing one here) and choose a lovely color for the cover that will last though lots of showing and selling (we like a 10x10 album in fog fabric with a cover cameo for an easy seller that appeals to everyone).

3. Show sample swatches to your clients.

If you want real sample swatches of all our fabrics to show clients, you can add on our Sample Swatches too. We recommend it.
Your studio’s new album line has been born and marketed. You’re welcome ;-)
Image © Alyssa Grace Photography

4. Use social media and blog posts to highlight your albums.

When your sample album and swatches arrives, photograph them to highlight your album line for more images on your site, another blog post, newsletter feature and/or social media. Get that buzz going, baby.

5. Give album catalogs and lookbooks to clients.

Every time you have a session, remember to enclose an Album Sales Catalog and Lookbook (available with the Complete Album Sales Kit) that you can print in sets of 25 in your welcome packet or other session materials.  Alternatively, you can send an email version if you want to save a tree. We recommend the paper version, because clients will look at it over and over again before their session, start envisioning their own albums AND share it with their friends, which is fantastic marketing…..because, hey, what other photographers send such beautiful guides?

6. Schedule order sessions with clients.

At the end of every session, or better yet when you book a session, make sure to schedule an Order Session. Yes, you heard us right. We want you to do In-Person Ordering, friend. We want you to be successful, to sell your art and your new line of fabulous albums! We recommend scheduling your Order Sessions 2-3 weeks out, to give you time to create an A+ presentation of the absolute best images.

7. Start your order session with a slideshow of all your edited images.

Remember to edit down to a reasonable number for an album, without any repeats of poses or similar images. Cue the music. Your clients will fall in love with the images, they may cry, they will want them all.
“Of course you can have them all!” you say.
And then you show & sell a beautiful custom album.
It is treasured for eternity. The end.

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