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With boutique photography services, the little things make a big difference. Leesia of Leesia Teh Photography shares her success with the Modern Minimalist™ Packaging Accessories: "I've been looking for ways to make my packaging stand out, and these were perfect! Since I specialize in pet photography only, I'm always looking for something easily customizable since many of the phrases and designs made for wedding and family photography don't fit as well. With the Modern Minimalist™ Accessories, I was able to easily change the images and wording to fit my brand and the clean, classic design complemented my images. Since I ship almost all of my orders, I can't use paper bags and tissue, so the stickers were a great option to add to the pocket envelopes I already use to give them a special touch. I have a logo sticker that incorporates my catchphrase, and then separate stickers used to the seal the envelopes that read either "enjoy your portraits" or "handle with care." I also made a sticker to go on the outside of the shipping box that marks the package as fragile - just another special touch to let the client know that this is not just any old package being delivered! I love how clean and classic the Modern Minimalist™ line is - it can be used for a wide range of photography specialties, including pets, and puts the focus on the images. The contemporary feel matched my branding nicely. I loved the tags and bookmarks so much I'm hoping to find some way to incorporate those in the future as well! Clients have emailed or called before I even have a chance to follow up with them, just to tell me how much they enjoyed opening their package as much as the actual products themselves!"

Thanks for sharing, Leesia! Enjoy your $75 shopping spree on us~

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