How framing can boost your total sales by 35%

What would happen to your bottom line if you could sell a frame with every single loose print?
Imagine what it would look like, instead of your client going to Target, TJ Maxx, or a custom framer, for you to add on that frame sale instead.
How much extra money could you bring in per sale, per month, per year?
With the help of Design Aglow's Frame Shop and selling resources, you can give a serious boost to your business' bottom line.

Let's do the math with three sample customers.

Client 1: The Collector This is your best client. They complete one full session annually and often supplement those images with a few smaller sessions throughout the year. They dream big and spend big, assembling large collections of the images you've taken of them over the years. A typical sale for this client would include a large wall gallery of images like an arrangement of (3) 10x20” and (3) 20x20” prints. (Our clients, boldly modern as they are, choose to use the frames without mats.) The price of the print sale alone--in our example, 10x20s are $250 each, and 20x20s are $400--is $1950; by our calculations*, we could sell the corresponding frame collection to them for an additional $500. Total sale by keeping framing in house = $2450.
Based on current market research, outsourcing to custom frame these images at a place like Michael's or a local frame shop could cost upwards of $250 for each frame. Total cost of custom framing by another store = 6 x $250 (and that's being conservative!) = $1500. Our frames' quality construction, sustainable materials, and acid-free mats are just like theirs...only much more affordable.The extra investment to complete the display goes right in your pocket. Plus, the client appreciates your extra service and leaving with a finished product rather than another to-do item!
Client 2: The Bookshelver This client has a bit of custom photography sticker shock. While they were prepared by your welcome packet and pre-session consultation to spend a certain amount, they're sticking to a “we just want a few small frames for the shelves” order. They buy small, choosing (2) 8x10s, (2) 5x7s, and (2) 4x6s--by our calculations, an expenditure of $360. (Because you've read our blog post on pricing small prints the same as larger ones, you charge them $60 per print, regardless of the print's size. The client insists that this is a space issue...they just don't have room on their walls for an entire gallery.) While this client could certainly display their images inexpensively with frames from Target, their investment would not be protected with quality materials and acid-free mats. Over time, your client would need to replace those Target frames -- or even worse, need to replace their images because of damage from acidic mats -- which would cost them much, much more in the long run. Total sale by keeping framing in house = $300 -- almost doubling your sale!
Client 3: The Once-a-Year The once yearly client: they're an easy sale every holiday season, ordering (3) 16x20s ($300 each) without any fuss. They usually source frames through TJ Maxx, which has resulted in a patchwork arrangement whose mismatched styles can't be displayed in the same room. By purchasing coordinating frames, these clients will begin a collection they can build on every year, perhaps to be hung in a stairwell or on a showpiece wall. And by providing them with a full-service experience during the busiest time of the year, you earn their gratitude and loyalty.

Total sale in prints = $900.

Total sale of (3) 20x24” frames, matted to 16x20” = $300.

Increase in sale = 33%.

Clients delighted to save time and money = priceless.

Imagine we had these three clients in one week.
Let's look at the bottom line: Print sales without frames = $3210
Nice, but why stop here?
When we add on framing:

Print sales with frames = $4310 That's a 35% increase in studio revenue in one week alone!

Why not add Design Aglow frames to your product offerings and see how selling beautiful, affordable frames can increase your profits immediately? We think you will be thrilled with the results.
*Please note: your COGS and calculations may vary, based on your expenses and profit margins. For more information about how we arrived at our print and frame prices, check out our jam-packed guides to knowing your numbers.
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