Why Selling Photography Frames Will Increase the Value of Your Art

I'm a photographer; I sell art, not frames. Why shouldn't my clients just frame their art themselves?
A good question, that can be addressed with a short and long answer.
The short answer: quality control. Do you trust your photographs to the off-the-rack frames at Michael's?The long answer: when you sell a loose (unmatted, unframed) photograph, you're releasing your art into the world, hoping that other people--friends, family, acquaintances, all potential clients--will see that art, and thus hire you to create more art for their homes. You're hoping that your clients will take that loose photograph and display it beautifully, hopefully among a large grouping of other photographs that you have created for them. For the perception of your art as a valuable, aspirational commodity, you have a vested interest in making your images look the best they can be. Notice all the “hopes” in the above paragraph.
When you sell your images already packaged in gorgeous frames, you virtually guarantee that they will be displayed in your clients' homes, in a manner that honors the care and craft that went into creating those photographs. You're creating a custom frame solution that elevates your images to gallery status.
And besides the boost in your image, selling frames will also propel your sales to a higher level, which you can learn more about here.

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