With great excitement, I am pleased to announce the first workshop of 2008 with the amazing Christa Hoffarth, i.e. the Martha Stewart of Photography, at my CityPlace Loft studio in February. We are walking distance to restaurants, entertainment, shops, and hotel, and just a quick taxi/shuttle from the Palm Beach international airport. If you would like to register, please email your request asap. We still have three available spaces. Please click here for more information!

Day 1:Creating “The Studio” (lunch provided)

Lena will discuss how to launch your studio into your portrait and/or wedding target market with extraordinary images, a solid business plan, and inspiring marketing ideas. Though a guided program, each participant will assess his/her goals in relation to style and market to create an action plan for the next year, from start to finish. The workshop takes place in Lena's palm Beach studio, where you will be able to see her unique displays, marketing materials, and special products. Get inspired and reach your goals for 2008 with this inspiring look at a fresh approach to becoming "the" studio in your market.

You will learn:
• To make an out-of-the-box marketing plan
• To target to the top level client
• Pricing and policies
• Savvy marketing without advertising
• To create higher sales
• To run an order session
• To polish your presentation
• Individual photographer needs for your studio

Day Two: BrandCandy “Design” (lunch provided)  

The primary objective for day two is to teach you how to create a graphic design strategy and how to use a style manual that will give you a solid and consistent approach to all of your marketing efforts. Christa will define and illustrate the appropriate use of elements and principles and present the methodology of using grid systems to effectively organize information when forming a unified design. Christa will teach you how to create various types of grids within different contexts of layout i.e. brochures, business cards, letterhead, magazine ads, and other promotional pieces. Christa’s techniques will help you eliminate the “start from scratch” approach to your graphic design projects as well as give your designs a consistent design. After the lunch break, the half of the day, Christa will cover package design techniques. This half will be hands on for everyone. We will be working with unique package design techniques using various tools and mediums. This will be inspiration overload!

You will learn to:
• Build a style manual
• Grid build your design infrastructure
• Effectively create white space
• See all over again
• Use form over function in every day things
• Package
• Package with textiles
• Exercise: putting things together
• Design client appreciation concepts
• Exercise: client appreciation
• Use gadgets

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