Building Relationships With Local Vendors

My very first step into the wild world of the wedding industry was with 9 other wedding photographers. I first got into photography and had no idea what I was doing, after a couple of years of winging it on my own I met a group of incredible women who I now have the pleasure of calling my dear friends. We have always been so supportive of each other, second shooting when needed, sending referrals when we’re booked, etc. I have never felt once ounce of competition but rather, the strongest sense of community. Through these women I learned the ins and outs of shooting weddings by working alongside them. From then on I felt so much more comfortable tackling my own weddings.
Once I was “in” the wedding industry I started going to industry events and meeting other vendors in the area. Becoming friends and colleagues with vendors like coordinators, florists and videographers was so wonderful. Working with a team that you get along with and who inspires you makes the wedding day SO much easier and just fun! Not only that but once you establish these relationships and see how well you work together you each start referring each other to your clients. So not only do I get to work with fantastic vendors but I also am able to get more business from them referring me. After more than six years in the business now, I can say I have some really great relationships with vendors and it’s not only helped my business but my personal life too. Some of these vendors have become really great friends!
I wouldn’t be where I am today with my business if it wasn’t for these other vendors and my great relationships with them. They’ve opened the door for a lot of opportunities for me and I’m so grateful for them!


1. Go to industry events and break away from your “safe group”. Introduce yourself, give people your business cards (or better yet, Instagram handle) and email them to get together for a coffee date or lunch. Building these relationships is so important!
2. Ask vendors to team up with you on a styled shoot. It’s a fun way to work together, create something beautiful and get it featured. It’s such a wonderful way to work with new vendors and all get some exposure in the process!
Use our stunning Vendor Marketing Kit to share your displays in high profile businesses like boutiques, offices and other locations your target client frequents. Presentation is the best way to get “in” with your dream venues, event planners and charities for meaningful community partnerships and cross-referrals.
migrated_headshot_7a964cb5c9dd4c55b4ccc170aca171d3_medium.jpg6750459420661682673Hi, I’m Megan, a natural light photographer and am passionate about capturing romance, laughter and the joy of life in every image. I’m based in Los Angeles where I live with my super handsome husband and two furry little kitties.

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