Inside Real Studios: Laura Carew Photography

Today we're taking a peek inside the studio of Laura Carew Photography:

Where, and in what kind of space is your studio located?

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | Residential

Square footage


How long have you been there?

I've been operating out of this space for almost 5 years, but only just recently renovated it to be a fully dedicated studio rather than taking over the living and dining room.

What makes your studio special?

It is exactly what I set out to create! A bright, beautiful, inspiring space that is also very versatile. The biggest challenge was to have a space that could accommodate a full backdrop setup for portraits, a seating area for client consultations, storage solutions for props, camera, and lighting equipment, and also a living space set-up for lifestyle and boudoir sessions. Keeping all of this in mind, I also needed to be able to move the space around easily, so I didn't want to add too many large pieces of furniture. It took a bit of planning and some strategic (and thrifty) shopping, but I am over the moon with the calm, clean, and classic feel of the space!

How has it helped your business?

I am still in the afterglow of finishing the renovations on this space, but already it has enabled me to book a variety of session types in the coming weeks knowing that the studio is ready and able to accommodate them all with ease. I've already welcomed wedding clients in for consultations and I'm looking forward to putting all areas to use for my upcoming boudoir sessions next month. The decision to create this dedicated studio space has given me the drive to pursue more business opportunities and a huge boost in confidence and reassurance that this is the path I am supposed to follow.

Do you have any tips for opening a studio?

Be smart and thrifty! It is so easy to find ways to spend money on all the little things and end up with a studio full of beautiful furnishings, but short on space and function. When I made the decision to transform this space, I challenged myself to only spend what I could earn from selling the existing living and dining room furniture and decor. By doing it this way, it kept me on budget and it really forced me to think about what was essential for the space and what could wait for later. While I haven't crunched the exact numbers, I'm pretty sure that I was able to come in under budget for this transformation.
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