Getting To Know The Pros: W&E Photographie

Getting To Know The Pros: W&E Photographie

Join us as we continue our series of Q&A’s from some of our fabulous contributors. Today we are getting to know Wesley and Emma of W&E Photographie. Enjoy ~

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Tell us about your studio, style and approach:

We're there on the wedding day to capture emotions as they unfold. Our inspiration comes from genuine emotion and real love. Our goal is to capture our couples as they are together. Whether that’s silly & spontaneous or gentle & affectionate - If we’re lucky we’ll get to see both sides!

We interact with our couples and capture what emotions come forth. Our couples are adventurous (like us). We climb mountains together, explore urban cityscapes and roam neighborhoods. We love a good collaboration.


If you had to sum up your style in 1-2 sentences, what would you say.

Killer portraits mixed with real-life documentation. That’s what we’re all about.

How do you ensure you have a sustainable business?

Providing our couples with an amazing client experience and a great product is the backbone of what we do. We also work hard and push ourselves to get better every year. We try to go above and beyond the call of duty for our couples. If they aren’t completely WOWed by their interaction with your business, they’ll be less likely to shout it from the rooftops or at least tell a few friends. It also helps that millions of people continue to tie the knot every year. ;)


What are your best selling products? Do you sell in person?

This is actually something we are always trying to improve. Our best selling items are our albums and prints. With the main source of our income being the sale of our services, we don’t do a lot of product selling in person. We approach sales in a fairly laid-back manner. Our main goal is to educate our couples on the importance of holding photographs in their hands and displaying them on the walls of their homes. We know sharing images via numerous social media outlets is a given in this day and age, but nothing can compare to the experience of physical copies displayed throughout your home.  To paraphrase Jonas Peterson, It’s such a shame when photos grow up to be jpegs.


What are your top 3 tips for success?

Kindness It might sound cliché, but we think kindness is one of the most underrated tools in business (and life in general).  We don’t mean flattery, but sincere gratitude toward people rather.  It can be practiced daily and it’s free!  We tried to google kindness quotes, but the results were only good for inspirational posters with cute animals. However, we’ve found this quote by Charles Scwabb, (a pretty successful business man) is worth noting, especially for vocational success.  He said, “I consider my ability to arouse enthusiasm among men the greatest asset I possess. The way to develop the best that is in a man (or married couple) is by appreciation and encouragement.”  Making a couple feel important is our goal and being kind is one way to make that happen.

Knowing your ideal client – For years we struggled with taking certain jobs that weren’t a very good fit for our brand and our business. We’ve learned to focus on our ideal client by creating content that they connect with. We now find ourselves getting the kind of clients we want and feeling happier and more creative with our work. That happiness translates into our definition of success.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice – This one was tough for us when we started our business.  We thought everyone else was just getting by individually and we’d have to pave our own way.  We had zero answers. Even now, we barely claim to know what we’re talking about as we type this ;) We’ve been able to improve so many aspects of our business by putting our pride aside and asking others for help.  Find someone you admire.  Find a mentor.  The creative community is so full of knowledge and inspiration.


Thanks, Wesley & Emma!

~ Stay tuned for more Q&A posts from our wonderful contributing photographers. 

W&E_PHOTOGRAPHIE_BIOWe are Wesley & Emma Teague - two southern-born kiddos (Texas & Alabama, respectively) who found each other during college and have been inseparable ever since. Wesley is enough extrovert for the both of us. He enjoys being active outdoors and is always making new friends. Emma likes reading blogs and books, and amateur gardening. We travel the world together and especially love traveling for weddings! We work out of our cozy, 1927 bungalow (code for old & high-maintenance, but not lacking the charm department!) in Birmingham, AL. Fun facts: Wesley had appendicitis on our honeymoon and Emma is a secret but not-so-secret cat lady.

To view more of W&E Photographies work, visit them here!

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