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digital file presentation to make a lasting impression

CD and DVD Presentation Templates for PhotoshopToday’s lovely fan share comes from Toni of Toni Price Photography. She writes, “Since the Glamorous Life Marketing Set is so easily customizable, I used certain components from it to get my cases and DVDs to look exactly how I wanted them too! I simply added some background texture and waa-la :) I then printed them using Millers 5×5 folded ornate cards. Once I got them, I added a CD hub to attach the DVD and added some velcro to keep the tab securely placed.

Not only does this save me bookoo bucks, it looks awesome too! My entire brand is organic simplistic, and using those plastic cases come in handy for sure, but they were the one thing that just didn’t seem to flow with my packaging. Now, I can make these cases (made out of 100% recycled paper at that!), and they flow beautifully with the rest of my packaging. So, instead of spending $30 a case, I now spend $2.34 a case and the best part… my clients LOVE them (and so do I)!!”

Thanks for the great share, Toni, and your $75 gift certificate is on the way~

CATEGORIES: Inspiration
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