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the big picture wall calendar template is here!

big-picture-wall-calendar-041114-01 big-picture-wall-calendar-041114-02 big-picture-wall-calendar-041114-03 big-picture-wall-calendar-041114-06 big-picture-wall-calendar-041114-04 big-picture-wall-calendar-041114-05   big-picture-wall-calendar-041114-07

Organized chaos is one thing, but that jumble of sticky notes you have cluttering your desk, computer, kids, cat…? Completely different story. Let us organize your hectic schedule and allow your creative genius to really shine with our beautifully minimalistic and completely customizable Big Picture Wall Calendar Template.

This template is incredibly versatile, so how you choose stay organized is up to you. Fill in your own dates and events (we like using color coordinated sticky notes). The template will arrive as a 40”x40” fully customizable vector file, along with a stunning and in-depth tutorial to help you along the way. With three backgrounds to choose from (or just use your own photo!), the layout options are endless. How you decide to print your new Big Picture Wall Calendar is also up to you: it translates beautifully as a metal print or fabric cling — or just throw it in frame and use dry erase markers over the glass. We’ve even hung up a few in our studio, as 40”x40” reusable wall clings. The calendars are almost completely transparent, so our white walls show through for a clean, beautiful finish.

We’re visual people, and so are you. Sure, your phone’s calendar app works great, but nothing beats an old fashioned calendar hanging on the wall. Prepare to be amazed by all the desk space you forgot you had.

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the modern minimalist™ studio look book is here!

look-book-031714_01 look-book-031714_02 look-book-031714_03 look-book-031714_04 look-book-031714_05 look-book-031714_06 look-book-031714_07 look-book-031714_08 look-book-031714_09 look-book-031714_10 look-book-031714_11 look-book-031714_12 look-book-031714_13b look-book-031714_14

It’s true: you have to show it to sell it. Now you can show and sell more than ever before with our ready-to-use Modern Minimalist™ Studio Look Book. Professionally written and designed, our 26 page, 8×10 fully customizable catalog template is divided into categories to help sell your entire product line, from albums to wall galleries, specialty items, high resolution negatives and more.

Choose from Two Versions:
Basic: Includes layout, embellishments, professionally written text, compelling product descriptions and bonus sample pricing. Simply insert your own product images!
Deluxe: Includes all of the above plus 40+ professionally photographed studio product images (of sample products worth over $25,000). Included stock photos have placeholders within the products for your images so all the products will truly show off your own art. Use some or all of our images in your ready-to-use guide. You may also swap any of our images out for your own product shots. So easy to use as-is or customize them over time!

Special thanks to Elizabeth Messina Photography, Wild Whim Photography, Lena Hyde Photography, Untamed Heart Photography, Dixie Pixel Photography, Ashley McCormick Photography, Tyler Branch Photography, Melissa Oholendt, Cluney Photo and Something Beautyfull for the lovely images in our sample products.

Click here to get your very own Modern Minimalist™ Studio Look Book!

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modular high school graduation cards are here!

senior-grad-cards-1 senior-grad-cards-6 senior-grad-cards-2 senior-grad-cards-3 senior-grad-cards-4 senior-grad-cards-5   senior-grad-cards-7 senior-grad-cards-8 senior-grad-cards-9 senior-grad-cards-15 senior-grad-cards-10 senior-grad-cards-11 senior-grad-cards-12 senior-grad-cards-14

Created exclusively in conjunction with Seniors Ignite, the Graduation Modular Cards & Sales Kit brings Design Aglow’s industry-innovating modular cards to the class of 2014 and beyond.

Your clients will love the process of choosing their designs through the revolutionary mix-and-match system, which allows them to combine any of the card’s elements–layouts, graphics, greetings, and colorways–for the ultimate custom card. What’s more, the covers, insides, and backs of the Seniors Ignite Grad Card Kit can be fused to create a truly unique look for each client.

Minimal and timeless, these designs can be reused season after season, proving a cost-effective (and money-making!) investment on your part.

• 12-page graduation announcement card sales catalog. This turnkey, professionally designed catalog presents your card offerings to clients, easily walking them through every step of designing the graduation announcement of their dreams. The catalog includes a built-in order form on the last page where your clients will note their design choices, keeping their information impeccably organized and saving you lots of valuable time.

• Professional studio-shot stock photos of finished cards. This means you won’t have to worry about taking the time to photograph your graduation announcements for the catalog–this step is already done for you. All that is required is that you add your studio logo, update the policies to reflect your own, and add your pricing on the last page.

• Expertly fashioned card modules (front cover; inside design with 8 greeting options; and back) in 6 customizable designs each. The mix and match features allow for effortless interchangeability and limitless combinations with just a few mouse clicks, specifically built to be customized in minutes each.

• Comprehensive 11-page illustrated tutorial. Simple instructions for using the Modular Card Sales Kit, complete with tips for presenting, publishing, and selling with your catalog online.

• BONUS: Coordinating set of 6 calling cards. These additional offerings are guaranteed to seal the deal for your graduation announcement sales. Use them as a reward for orders of 100+ cards or in a special promo to incentivize larger packages.

The comprehensive features promise versatility that will help you increase sales with less effort! With over 41,000 different card options, the possibilities are literally endless.

*Special thanks to Seniors Ignite, Cluney Photography, Nicholas W. Alexander Photographer, Richardson Studio and 3 Girls Photography for the lovely images in our cards.

Click here to get them with introductory pricing for a limited time and save $30!

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the design aglow logo shop is here!

logo-shop-storefront-031214-1logo-shop-storefront-031214-2 logo-shop-storefront-031214-4 logo-shop-storefront-031214-5 JUXTAPOSED_08logo-shop-storefront-031214-3 ROSCOE_PORTER_11 SIMON_FRENCH_09

Want to make the perfect impression with a logo that truly stands out? The right logo has the power to show off your unique brand, inspire your clients, and create a memorable image that will make your business shine above the competition.

Design Aglow’s beautifully designed and fully editable vector logos will be just the edge your business needs to make an impact. Our strong, sophisticated logos were crafted by our team of designers to offer you a powerful marketing tool that will save you time and money. Design Aglow logos will be sold in limited quantities of 50, so get your hands on the one of your choosing before it sells out!

Each Logo Purchase Includes:

• 1 fully editable & customizable logo
• Delivered in layered vector .EPS format (for Adobe Illustrator) and layered vector .PSD format (for Adobe Photoshop)
• Photoshop file includes black & white version, 3 color palettes, and textured version
• Illustrator file includes black & white version
• 13-page tutorial and guide with easy-to-follow instructions for customizing your logo and examples of transformative ways to integrate your logo into your ongoing marketing efforts

Click here to get yours now and start standing out in the sea of competitors today.


The Design Aglow Logo Texture Collection (8 bonus textures = $50 value) is the perfect addition to your new logo!

Plus, you’ll get a stunning and in-depth 5 page tutorial to take you step-by-step through the process of personalizing your new logo with your texture to enhance your studio’s brand.

Other uses for these lovely textures:
• blog/site backgrounds
• baby announcements
• greeting cards
• branding

Click here to get your hands on the Logo Texture Collection and start enhancing your new logo now!

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the mini session guide is here!

mini-sessions-guide-030314-1 mini-sessions-guide-030314-2b mini-sessions-guide-030314-3 mini-sessions-guide-030314-4 mini-sessions-guide-030314-5 mini-sessions-guide-030314-6 mini-sessions-guide-030314-7b mini-sessions-guide-030314-8 mini-sessions-guide-030314-9 mini-sessions-guide-030314-10 mini-sessions-guide-030314-11 mini-sessions-guide-030314-12 mini-sessions-guide-030314-13

Sometimes great things really do come in small packages. Perfect for clients on the go, Mini Sessions deliver a custom boutique photography experience without a huge time (or financial) investment. The Design Aglow Mini Session Guide includes step-by-step instructions to guide you through the entire process, from lighting, to handling clients, time squeezes, and session workflow.

With our Guide to lead your way, your studio can feature an entire year of gorgeous Mini Session events in five themes: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter & Anytime. Ideal for building buzz, bringing in new clients, and generating business during slower times of the year, our comprehensive Mini Session package will get you started as soon as you download!

*Special thanks to Shannon Sewell Photography & Alyssa Saylor Photography for the lovely images throughout our guide.

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the big picture planner: helping you succeed in 2014


Photographers from all over the world are raving about The Big Picture Planner:

“The Big Picture Planner is one of the most powerful comprehensive documents to use for my business, from being able to keep daily to do lists to tracking and managing my financial goals. I love that it was  ”plug and play.” I made no customizations and printed everything as-is and immediately started using it in my business. The financial investment and time investment is minimum when compared to what I know the payback will be. The Big Picture Planner helps me take my big goals/ideas and break them into easily attainable tasks, which as a “creative” can be difficult. Committing myself to using the Big Picture Planner as a daily part of my business will most definitely give me an edge in 2014. It’s like having my own business/marketing team. Thank you Design Aglow for once again creating a business tool, designed for the financial success of the photographer.” – Courtney Ortiz Photography


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