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Susan Shaw Dodd

“I just purchased the Pinnable Modern Mood Boards. I debated and debated on whether to get them, whether I they would suit my needs. Well, I just downloaded and opened the file. Let me say, they are AMAZING!! There are so many layouts – more than shown in the previews. That was such a pleasant surprise. I cannot wait to get started using these great modern tools! Thank you!”


Seshu Badrinath

“Are you a portrait photographer? Do you know your numbers? I am discovering mine thanks to The Essential Pricing Guide for Portrait Photographers – thanks Design Aglow for another awesome (elegant and useful) product for photographers!”


Angela Weedon

“The Essential Pricing Guide is just that….essential.  The wealth of information and guidance provided in this product is really unbelievable!  Not one stone has been left unturned, and it can guide both seasoned portrait photographers and those just starting out through tricky budgeting, pricing, and planning hurdles. We get emails daily from those just beginning their business, asking sweeping questions about the hows and the whys of how we operate. We now have the perfect resource to point them towards. This pricing guide should be a cornerstone resource for all portrait photographers serious about their business.”


Caryn Scanlon

“I just couldn’t put [The Essential Pricing Guide for Portrait Photographers] away. I worked through the whole thing from start to finish. VERY different approach from what I’m used to hearing (which is the “multiply it by 7 or 10 for prints and by 3 or 4 for canvases/books” etc. It’s a whole paradigm shift! I’m planning on reviewing it and comparing it to EVERYTHING I’ve heard in the last 3 years. It’s THAT different.”


Laura Novak

“The Design Aglow Pricing Guide for Portrait Photographers is a fantastic resource that no one should miss.  It explains how to create prices in such a easy to understand way that applies to both just starting out photographers as well as experienced professionals. With this guide you will never second guess your price list again!”


Zoe Dennis

Design Aglow is absolutely my favorite resource for templates. Great designs, and they are constantly coming up with brilliant ideas like the Modular Birth Announcements & Sales Kit: Woodland Delight. Thank you!

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